“You’ve come all the way to the United States” “It’s amazing” Owner Yongjin Jeong’s surprise, the players were also surprised

The owner’s surprise visit made the spring camp lively.

Vice Chairman Jeong Yong-jin of Shinsegae Group, owner of SSG Landers, visited the site of the spring camp in Vero Beach, Florida, USA on the 11th local time.

It was a surprise visit that was not announced in advance. Owner Jeong Yong-jin toured the facilities of the Jackie Robinson Training Complex, the camp training ground, along with officials.

The Jackie Robinson Complex boasts the best environment in the country. Since the athletes’ quarters are located within the complex, there is no need to travel by bus or separate transportation, and multiple playgrounds can be used simultaneously, enabling efficient training. In fact, the SSG team is conducting short, impactful training with the best circulation. Training efficiency is the best because it is an environment where you can fully focus on exercise. In particular, as the management body was recently changed to MLB, even the newly invested indoor driving range is very comfortable.

Owner Jeong Yong-jin, who toured the facility, is known to have expressed satisfaction, saying, “It would be nice if we had a facility that could focus on training in a more systematic way.”

Most of the players came to Vero Beach at the end of January, and the 1st US camp is already over the middle. The 11th, when owner Jeong visited, was the day before the rest day, and it was the last turn before the WBC national team members카지노, including Kim Kwang-hyun, Choi Jeong, and Choi Ji-hoon, joined the call-up training in Tucson, Arizona. Owner Jeong Yong-jin also presented a special dinner to commemorate his visit to the camp.

To replenish the energy of the athletes, various menus such as the finest lobster from Maine, Canada, Prime Rib, and LA Galbi were presented for dinner. The ‘taste of hometown’ was included for players who miss Korean-style food, such as LA galbi seasoning ingredients and kimchi made locally with ingredients specially airlifted from Korea. Vero Beach is an area where few Koreans live even in Florida, so it was a more special dinner. The players also definitely enjoyed the dinner the day before the rest day.

This surprise helped boost the morale of the players. Park Jong-hoon expressed his gratitude, saying, “It is the first time for me as the owner to come to the US camp. Thank you for coming so far, and it gives strength and motivation to the players.” I think so,” he said thank you. Ro-Woon Lee, the 1st designated newcomer who joined this year, said, “I was surprised and confused when I first saw the owner,” and said, “I was nervous at first, but I am grateful that he welcomed me and welcomed me.”

The owner’s generous support and interest in the baseball team definitely gives a big message to the team. It leaves the impression that ‘the club is working hard for us both physically and mentally’. Last season, SSG already experienced enough of the effect in the process of winning the combined championship.

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