“You have to try now”… Positivity rather than worry, the ‘power of failure’ that director Lee Seung-yeop wants

“If you try during the season, it’s too late.”

The Doosan Bears, starting anew under the name of ‘Lee Seung-yeop’, recorded 2 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses during 8 exhibition games. It is tied for 8th place with SSG Landers.

The two and the other are not메이저놀이터 clearly engaged. While the team’s batting average is 6th with a .239, the team’s ERA is 4.90, the lowest among the 10 clubs.

A somewhat embarrassing start for a ‘beginning director’. However, the KBO League and the Japanese stage. Director Lee, who had a lot of experience as a commentator, spoke of ‘positive’ rather than ‘worry’.

As it was still an exhibition game, I rather welcomed the failure. The demonstration game is literally a period to check various power matters. Coach Lee also did not forget the meaning of the demonstration game.

Coach Lee said, “It’s still in the middle of the demonstration game. I’m trying to do a little more. I have to try now. If I try during the season, it’s too late. I tried a little in the demonstration game, and the process is more important than the result. It’s fortunate that there are problems in the process.” he emphasized.

It is said that the team has been identified since last year’s finishing camp, but there is still not enough time to check the players’ faces in actual combat. There are many cases where players cannot confirm their true character even after entering the demonstration game.

Director Lee revealed his intention to make the current anxious element a ‘time for inspection’. It meant that I would go towards perfection by making amends while failing.

Game management also gave opportunities to players who showed potential in spring camp after playing mostly in the second team last year. Lee Byung-hun, Kim Dong-ju, Kim Ho-joon, Choi Ji-gang, and left-handed pitcher Jang Won-jun, who were on the verge of being released last year, are also getting opportunities.

The other line is also a series of experiments. A representative example is Daehan Kim. Kim Dae-han hit a double and a home run against the KT Wiz on the 20th, and even hit a triple on the 21st.

Director Lee said, “I am continuously building experience. I am looking at various things, such as whether I am suitable for the first batting order or not, in order to see (Jeong) Soo-bin and (Kim) Dae-han alternate in the center field position.”

Director Lee said, “I think I can enter the season more perfectly if I come up with a problem now and fix that part. I have a positive mind rather than a negative one.”

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