Woori Card Kim Wan-jong, who caught the opportunity to start, “I’m greedy for the record of the previous attack score”

Did they say that only those who are prepared can seize the opportunity?

January 14, 2023 seems to be such a day for middle blocker Kim Wan-jong (24) of the men’s professional volleyball Woori Card.

In a situation where starter Lee Sang-hyun (24) left due to the confirmation of a new coronavirus infection (Corona 19), Kim Wan-jong, who was put in as a substitute, showed more than expected performance.

He scored 13 points (attack success rate of 81.82%), including two sub-aces and two blocking goals, in the Korean Air match held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul that day.

He broke his all-time record for most points in a single game in terms of scoring, serving, and blocking, as well as attack share (9.17%), receiving (2), and digs (4).

Kim Wan-jong, who gave his first merit interview after his debut in the 2021-2022 season, was shy but confident. 카지노

He said, “Before entering today’s game, I made a promise to work hard so that Sang-hyeon’s vacant seat could be replaced.

The experience of being used as a one-point server and outside heater was also helpful because he was not a starting player.

Kim Wan-jong recalled, “As I went through many positions, my understanding of each position improved and I applied (ability for each position) little by little.”

When asked about his personal goals, he expressed his aspirations, saying, “I was envious of seeing (seniors and colleagues) achieve ‘number of times’ in attack scoring, blocking, and serving, and I thought that I should try it someday. .

Kim Ji-han (24), who was with Suhun during the interview, is also the same age as Kim Wan-jong, born in 1999.

He scored 12 points (attack success rate 42.86%) that day, including 2 blocking and 1 sub ace.

Kim Ji-han, who said, “(Setter Hwang Seung-bin) didn’t give me a lot of balls, so I did my best every time he came up,” joked with ambition, “I’ll tell you (to increase the share) later.”

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