Women’s basketball teams aiming for a rebound… Happy with Ace’s return

Women’s basketball resumes the second half of the season this coming weekend after an All-Star break.

While KB and Hana 1Q, which have not been able to get out of the bottom ranks, are aiming for a rebound in the second half, we are looking forward to the performance of the returning aces.

This is reporter Cho Seong-heum.


Women’s basketball, which has been thrilled with the All-Star Game for the first time in three years, will resume the ranking battle from the coming weekend.

What draws attention is 5th place KB and the lowest place Hana 1Q who have not given up on advancing to spring basketball.

KB ended the first half with 4 wins and Hana 1 Q only 1 win.

Both teams are eager to make up for their sluggish first half.

KB is looking forward to the performance of center Park Ji-soo, who joined in the second half of the first half, and Shin Ji-hyun, a guard, who will be put into the second half of Hana 1 Q.

Park Ji-soo, the ‘consolidated MVP of last season’, left the court due to panic disorder and returned in December of last year.

After his return, he immediately raised the atmosphere of KB with his presence as well as his scoring ability.

KB, which had only 2 wins, showed a much better performance by adding 2 more wins in 4 games after Park Ji-soo returned.

<Park Ji-soo / KB Stars> “I will always do my best to show the performance that fans expect as much as I can, so I hope you will support me…” 스포츠토토

Hana 1 Q is happy to see Shin Ji-hyun’s return.

Shin Ji-hyun, who played for more than 30 minutes on average per game and scored 13.9 points, was unable to play due to a hamstring injury, and often gave up victories due to lack of support.

<Shin Ji-hyeon / Hana 1 Q> “I will try to show the fans a good performance and a good performance with my teammates. Please look forward to it.”

KB and HanawonQ will go on a hunt for the first win in the second half with a head-to-head match in Cheongju on the 15th.

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