Will there be a new face? Jinah Kim, Minjoo Baek, Bomi Kim, Hyunji Yong Quarterfinals – Wellbang LPBA Championship

I’m a favorite and I’m like, ‘Now it’s time to win…’ ‘, but there is no victory yet. They are victorious in the round of 16 of the ‘2023 Welcome Savings Bank Wellbang LPBA Championship’ held on the 20th and are looking to top the top.

Kim Jin-ah entered the LPBA this season with perhaps the strongest halo on her back. He shed tears two or three times at the beginning of the survival match, but after going through a period of adaptation, he reached the quarterfinals in the last three matches. 안전놀이터

The shot isn’t perfectly polished yet, but it’s being updated every day. In the round of 16, they defeated Hida Orie 2-0. He competes with Lim Jung-suk, the 4-time veteran, to advance to the semifinals.

Defending champion Lim Jeong-suk also lost the trophy after being beaten by Kim Ga-young.

Kim Bo-mi recorded a huge average of 2 points in the round of 16. She is the highest average to date. It’s almost like he’s got the top average award, but what he’s looking at is normal. After defeating Kim Min-young, he fights Jae-ya master Jeong Bo-ra. He is a seasoned player with a lot of experience, but with Kim Bo-mi’s recent shot sense, it’s worth a try. Baek Min-joo met the strongest opponent. This is Kim Ye-eun, a two-time champion power fighter. In the round of 16 against Throng, Kim Ye-eun lost the first set 0:11, but came from behind to win. Both have been runners-up in their recent matches. Kim Ye-eun lost to Kim Ga-young in the final of the previous tournament, and Baek Min-joo lost to Higashiuchi in the previous tournament final. If they win, they will play the semi-final against the winner Kim Bo-mi and Jung Bo-ra. It’s a tough journey.

Yong Hyun-ji is energetic and energetic. It seems that the feeling of the shot has reached its peak. Since the team league, he has shown a shot that surpasses Ace Lee Mi-rae on the rise.

He faces Kim Gap-seon, the former champion of the year. Kim Gap-seon is also reviving his shot sense recently. If you look at the round of 16 shots, Yong Hyun-ji looks better, but billiards changes every time, so you can’t tell.

Wellbang LPBA Championship, where five of the quarterfinals are unrelated. The three champions, Lim Jung-sook, Kim Ye-eun, and Kim Gap-seon, have not won this season. If you look at this season, anyway, it’s a new face.

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