Who is the NC young player that Park Gun-woo is looking forward to? “Park Sae-hyuk”

They say he’s still young.”

NC held a 2023 New Year’s party at Changwon NC Park on the 16th. The NC players who gathered together on this day made up their minds for the upcoming new season. Prior to the New Year’s party, an initiation ceremony was held for free agency transfer student Park Se-hyuk, who said, “I will make our team shine evenly and become a player who can become the foundation for the team to win.”

It is a time when there are still more unfamiliar things to Park Se-hyuk. Still, I feel relieved because I have Park Kun-woo and Lee Yong-chan, who I played with for the Doosan Bears. Park Sae-hyuk expected, “Anyway, since Kun-wu is a senior hitter and Yong-chan hyung is the best pitcher, I think we can get a lot of help in those areas and adapt quickly.”

After the 2021 season, Park Kun-woo, who first spent a year wearing an NC uniform as a free agent, was now in a position to help Park Se-hyuk. Park Geon-woo said, “Looking at it, it takes about a month to get used to it. This year, I think it will be more comfortable to adapt because we can camp abroad together.”

Regarding Park Se-hyuk, Park Gun-woo said, “He called me in the morning and said, ‘Geon-wu, what should I do? I’m trying to,” he joked.

He said it like a joke, but Park Gun-woo also has feelings for Park Se-hyuk. Park Gun-woo said, “He works really hard and is a good senior. Sometimes he is strict and sometimes he is like a friend. He takes good care of his juniors and is polite. A colleague who works harder than anyone else remains in my memory.”

When asked which young player to look forward to this year, he brings up the name of Park Se-hyeok without hesitation. Park Sae-hyeok was born in 1990, and is a 33-year-old older brother than Park Gun-woo, but he is generous with Park Gun-woo’s ‘I hope he does well’. Park Gun-woo laughed and said, “I’m looking forward to Park Se-hyuk the most. He said he’s still young.”바카라

He said, “The heartache will probably be severe. When (B) Seong-beom left, I and (Son) Ah-seop said that we could share the empty space and fill it up, so the burden was less. I think it will be difficult to fill in,” he said. “If Sehyuk follows his style, I think he will overcome it well, and he will do well this year. He is the player I look forward to the most and hope to do as well as expected.”

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