“We want to recruit the world’s best ‘MF’ with a different level of quality!”… Highly praised by Sabi, the world’s best MF, who?

Barcelona coach Xabi Hernandez, who was evaluated as one of the greatest midfielders in world football history. He wants the best midfielder in the world right now.

Xavi has rated him as a truly great midfielder, and he is eager to sign him. Who is the midfielder that Xavi highly praised?안전놀이터

That is Lionel Messi (Paris Saint-Germain). Messi is originally a striker. He is the greatest striker in world football history, breaking various goalscoring records and winning various top goalscorers. But striker Messi is a story of the past. He is now a midfielder.

To be precise, he is playing a midfielder role. As he gets older and loses his main power, he is concentrating on the role of coordinating attacks and stabbing kill passes. This is the role Sabi played in the past. It is Messi who travels the ground between central midfielder and attacking midfielder.

Messi’s parting from Paris Saint-Germain is becoming certain at the end of this season. And a return to Barcelona is strongly expected. Messi, the history of Barcelona itself. Director Xavi is eagerly awaiting the return of Messi, who enjoyed the golden age with him, more than anyone else. And he did not hide his anticipation for the use of midfielder Messi.

Coach Xavi said through Spain’s ‘Sport’, “If Messi comes to Barcelona, ​​he will develop the team called Barcelona. Even if he comes right now, he will help right now. There is no doubt.”

He continued, “Now Messi has become almost a central midfielder. He has become almost an attacking midfielder. His ability is also really amazing. At the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, we saw Messi’s unbelievable quality. He still has that level, Messi has a lot of time,” he explained.

Lastly, coach Xavi wanted Messi’s talent. Xavi said: “In the whole sense of Barcelona football, Messi’s return will be a big help. Messi is still a player who can make a difference, he is still hungry for titles. Messi still wants to win, he is a leader, he is a different player. C. Messi’s talent will bring a lot.”

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