Throwing an MLB exhibition game… Ohtani Joins WBC Team in March

Japanese national team ace Ohtani Shohei (29, Los Angeles Angels) will join the Japanese national team about a week before the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) Korea match.

Perry Minassian, general manager of the Major League Baseball (MLB) Angels, said in an interview with local media outlets such as the Associated Press on the 5th (Korean time), “Ohtani is leaving for Japan to compete in the WBC on March 1 (local time).” .

Ohtani is expected to arrive in Japan around March 3 to prepare for the tournament. Japan will face Korea on the 10th after playing the first match in Group B of the first round of the final against China on the 9th of next month.

The Japanese national team made efforts such 안전놀이터 as expressing their intention to pay insurance money for Ohtani to join the national team early, but the Angels club is said to have opposed it to the end. In the end, Ohtani plans to participate in team spring training held at Diablo Stadium in Tampa, Arizona, USA as scheduled, pitch in an exhibition game, and then move to Japan.

Ohtani, who doubles as a pitcher, is a baseball player representing Japan. He won the unanimous America League MVP (Most Valuable Player) in 2021 with a double job as a pitcher. Last season, he also played an active role as a pitcher and hitter, and left an unprecedented record of 15 wins (9 losses) and 34 home runs (95 RBIs). He became the first player in MLB history to achieve double-digit wins and 30 home runs.

It has not yet been confirmed whether Ohtani will also double as a pitcher in the WBC. The Associated Press said, “Ohtani’s WBC pitching career is entirely up to the Japanese national team and his own will.” It is still unknown whether he will start the Korean game, but it is expected that there will be no problems with the appearance as he joins about a week before the Korean game.

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