There is no SON next to Kane, who is the MF next to the offensive duo?

Harry Kane and Son Heung-min are inseparable in Tottenham Hotspur attack, but this season is different.

On the 8th (local time), the European football statistics media ‘Transfermarkt’ highlighted the 5 attacking duos in the 5 European leagues (France, England, Spain, Italy and Germany).

The first place is Manchester City안전놀이터 (Man City)’s best friends Elling Halan and Phil Foden. Hollan has scored 25 goals so far this season, the most goals in all five leagues. Foden also has seven goals. Combined, the two players scored 32 goals, so he was the only one to score 30 goals.

In particular, there was also a Tottenham duo in 5th place. There was Kane, but there is no son Heung-min. Heung-Min Son was replaced by Pierre Emile-Hoibjerre. Kane has scored 17 goals so far this season, while Hojbjer has 4 goals. That’s a total of 21 goals.

Excluding best friend Son Heung-min is shocking. Son Heung-min is tied with Hojbjerg with 4 goals in the league so far this season, but has been sluggish compared to before.

Recently, Son Heung-min is coming back to life. He struggled with sluggishness and injuries this season, but he is on his way to finding himself by contributing to a 1-0 win against Manchester City.

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