‘The strongest player in the university league’ Korea University checks final tactics with Geoje field training

The Korea University basketball team is going to the final quenching for the 2023 College Basketball League in Geoje City. 

The Korea University basketball team has been conducting winter training in Geoje, Gyeongsangnam-do since the 13th. Seoul still has a chilly temperature above freezing, but Geoje City has warm weather with an average of 7 to 8 degrees Celsius, which is the best condition for athletes to train.

Korea University has finished building up its stamina for the next season through circuit and weight training at school for the past two months. 

In the first week of the off-campus training, Yeosu Hwayang High School and Muryong High School are called in for a real match in the morning온라인바카라 and afternoon. In addition, players are voluntarily adjusting their physical condition through weight training and rehabilitation training at night. 

Head coach Joo Hee-jeong of Korea University, who we met in Geoje on the 16th, said, “The players are working really hard. Since they have already completed physical training at school, they will refine their tactics through practice games. “There are a lot of forward players among the freshman players, centering on seniors Park Moo-bin and Moon Jung-hyun. In the upcoming season, I plan to play forward-centered basketball. After defensive rebounds, I am training fast-paced attacks and defense without mismatches.” 

Korea University’s Doo-Won Lee is heading to the pros after finishing his junior year, and he has less weight under his goal. After Joo Hee-jung took over as head coach, Korea University had center players such as Park Jeong-hyeon, Ha Yoon-ki, and Lee Doo-won, but this year is different. Nonetheless, coach Joo promised to show more advanced basketball through tactical changes. 

Coach Joo said, “Yangjun and Shin Ju-young, who are in the center position, have to do a lot. Yangjun in particular has grown a lot. Yangjun has recently improved his strength through weight training and is focusing on playing under the goal. Also, forward players are different in height. “It won’t be a big problem if you play switch defense because you won’t be pushed by the school’s center position players. The NBA is already playing games centering on the forward position. I want to make the players familiar with the advanced basketball they will encounter in the future.” 

Last season, Korea University won the 2022 KUSF College Basketball U-League with a solid defense and quick attack, winning the championship with 13 wins and 1 loss, as well as the MBC Cup held in July, the college league championship match held afterwards, and the regular match against Yonsei University. He won and had a perfect year. 

As much as the grades were good, there will also be a burden on the upcoming 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League. Nonetheless, Joo maintained a resolute stance while looking at a higher goal. 

Coach Joo expressed his confidence, saying, “The results were good, but it’s unfortunate that we suffered one loss last year. That’s why this year, we are aiming to win the championship without fail. We plan to make a tactically perfect team.” 

After Korea University took over as head coach Joo Hee-jung, the background to becoming the strongest player in the college league was the development in defense. Coach Ju led Korea University to the top of the league by incorporating various defensive tactics into the players and strengthening the interpersonal defense of each player. 

Coach Joo said, “I focus on teaching children one-on-one defense. Two-on-two defense can be overcome with team defense, but players must have one-on-one defense to succeed on the professional stage. One-on-one defense ” is a part that can be improved by one’s own will. It will be of great help to students if they go pro after preparing in college in advance rather than developing through professional training.” 

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