The only way to dispose of Ndombele is to lower the complete transfer fee of ’42 billion’

In order for Tottenham Hotspur to dispose of Tanguy Ndombele (26), the transfer fee must be lowered.

The British ‘Daily Mail’ quoted Italy’s ‘Il Martino’ on the 21st (Korean time) and reported, “Napoli, who rented Ndombele, do not want to sign it completely. The player is expected to return to London this summer.”

“Ndombele’s contract included 스포츠토토a full transfer option of £26 million (approximately 42 billion won). However, Napoli considers the cost too high. If Tottenham lower the transfer fee, they will be interested in renegotiating it,” he added. .

Ndombele transferred from Olympique Lyonnais to Tottenham in the summer of 2019 for a transfer fee of 52.4 million pounds (approximately 84 billion won). He set a club record for the club and aroused considerable anticipation. His contract was signed for a long period until June 2025, and his weekly wage was reported to be around 200,000 pounds (about 320 million won).

It was a performance that was far from a ‘record’. While he played 91 games, he showed creativity from time to time, but in many ways, it was a performance that was more disappointing. Most of all, he was pointed out by the directors for his ‘bad attitude’. In the end, he was excluded from Tottenham’s plan and was loaned to Lyon and Naples.

He is on the ground wearing a Napoli uniform this season. He has played 33 official matches so far, scoring 2 goals and 1 assist. Although his number of matches is high, he only plays 1,015 minutes. He was more of a rotational resource.

Napoli is evaluating Ndombele as a ‘great replacement resource’.

Tottenham need to lower the transfer fee to sell Ndombele. Napoli are ready to negotiate if they can lower the transfer fee. Of course, it’s a pity to bring it in for £52.4 million and sell it for less than half the price, but considering the weekly wage, it may be a surplus business.

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