The only ‘non-replaceable’ player in Napoli… “I can run anywhere”

Antonio Cassano, the ‘bad guy’, highly praised the Stanislav robot car.

One of the driving forces for Napoli to maintain its top spot in Italy’s Serie A is the performance of its players. This is thanks to the players who supported Napoli, such as Victor Osimen, Giovanni Di Lorenzo, and Amir Rahmani, as well as newly joined players such as Hvitza Kvarachhelia and Kim Min-jae, who are showing great success immediately without a period of adaptation. In addition to this, the step-up of bench resources stands out, and the most outstanding player among them is Robot Car.

Even last season, the robot car was not classified as a perfect starter. He took on the role of backup to Fabian Ruiz, but Robot Car made a good impression in the second half after consistently working hard in both starting and replacing positions. And with Fabian leaving for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) ahead of this season, an opportunity came to the robot car. Robotka, who has taken the starting position in earnest, is in charge of the midfield, working in harmony with Fiort Zielinski and Jambo Angussa in Napoli’s midfield.

Cassano praised the robot car. Cassano considered the robot car to be the only irreplaceable player in Napoli. Italy’s Spagio Napoli, which delivers Naples news, shed light on what Cassano said about Napoli and Robotcar, which are trying to win Serie A this season, after watching the AS Roma match on ‘Bobo TV’. ‘Bobo TV’ is a channel run by Italian legendary striker Cristian Vieri, named after Vieri’s nickname, Bobo. 안전놀이터

First of all, Cassano said, “Napoli showed that coach Luciano Spalletti is at a different level in the match against Rome. In a 1-1 situation, he took out Osimen and Kvarachhelia and put in Giovanni Simeone.” praised

“Yesterday, I have one more conviction. Napoli have won without Kvarachhelia and Osimen, but within Napoli, robot cars are irreplaceable players. Napoli without robot cars is different. The level of robot cars is different. “It’s in the stratosphere, he can play for any team in the world. I’ve never seen a player like Robotka in Italy. In Napoli, there are two irreplaceable people: Spalletti and Robotka.”

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