The fiercely contested ‘Lee Kang-in jersey’ was won by Jeonbuk Hong Jeong-ho and Baek Seung-ho.

Paris Saint-Germain’s (PSG) Lee Kang-in’s No. 19 jersey has been retired by Jeonbuk Hyundai’s Hong Jeong-ho and Baek Seung-ho. Neymar, a multi-goal scorer for PSG, swapped jerseys with his Brazilian teammate, Jeonbuk forward Gustavo.

PSG won 3-0 in a friendly against Jeonbuk Hyundai in the third leg of the Coupang Play Series at the Asiad Stadium in Busan on Wednesday.

PSG ace Neymar scored a brace and Marco Asensio added a late consolation goal.

Lee came on as a 24th-minute substitute in the second half and saw 20 minutes of action. He was in the center of the midfield, linking up well with Neymar and Asensio.

The big question on the day was who Lee would swap jerseys with after the game. Before the game, Jeonbuk players had been working to get Lee’s jersey.

After the game, Hong Jeong-ho and Baek Seung-ho met in the mix zone and smiled as they said they had gotten Lee Kang-in’s jersey.

“We talked about it beforehand,” Baek Seung-ho said, adding, “After the game, (Lee) was distraught, so we just talked about his injury.”

According to Hong, teammate Song Min-kyu also wanted Lee Kang-in’s jersey, but was willing to give way to his senior and team captain.

Gustavo was given the Neymar jersey, which was popular alongside Lee’s. After the game, Moon Sun-min went to ask Neymar for it, but was turned away when he said he had already promised it to Gustavo.

“I met him (Neymar) before the game and we talked and wished each other good luck,” Gustavo told Mixzone. “We exchanged jerseys and took a picture together. I’m happy because it’s not a common opportunity,” he laughed.안전놀이터

“I heard that the Brazilians had asked for a favor beforehand, so I couldn’t keep asking for it in that situation,” Moon said.

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