The Doosan system that surprised the national batter “Everything is a breeze”

‘National hitter’ Lee Seung-yeop (47), the 2023 Sydney Australia spring camp is a new experience and challenge in itself for the new Doosan Bears coach.

This is the first overseas camp he visited as a commanding tower, not as a player, while starting anew as a leader six years after retiring from active duty in the 2017 season. He is feeling the weight of the director’s position day by day, to the extent that he says, “My body is not tired, but I can’t sleep well at night.”

Fortunately, everything went smoothly until the second week of the Sydney camp. None of the 46 players were injured and the training environment was perfect. He used three sides of the Sydney Blacktown baseball field and even helped Doosan and coach Lee with the weather.

In addition to the warm climate, there카지노 were no cases where training was canceled due to rain, so the players were able to build up their bodies to their heart’s content. There are days when the perceived temperature is above 35 degrees, so there are situations where you have to worry about the heat. 

The perfect support from the Doosan front desk is also a great strength for coach Lee. After entering Sydney, when asked what surprised him the most about the Doosan team, he said without hesitation, “The staff who help with training.”

Director Lee said, “When I have a problem, if I talk to the staff, it is immediately reflected and improved. On the first day of training, I requested a certain part of the bullpen pitching place, but it moved really quickly and immediately, so there was no discomfort at all in training.” showed up

He also said, “Because the staff help so well, it seems that the amount of training and efficiency of the players are getting better.” The staff seem to have lost a bit of weight,” he laughed.

The coaches for each part are also passionately guiding the players. Young players are also diligently moving on the ground to make their mark on the new command tower. 

Coach Lee also constantly shouts “fighting” to motivate the players. In the case of young players, he is well aware that it is difficult to get close to the coach, so Coach Lee is actively communicating with him by making jokes first.

Coach Lee said, “I want to give more energy to the players because they are working really hard. It’s not there. There are so many young players with good potential.”

“If our coaches can bring out the strengths of the players well and come out with good performance, the team can really change terribly,” he said. It is a role that must be played,” he added.

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