The Brady Time Is Over, Is the Mahomes Era Opening?

American Professional Football (NFL) Kansas City Chiefs quarterback (QB) Patrick Mahomes (28, USA) challenges a new history. He sets out to challenge a single season record that even Tom Brady (46, Tampa Bay Buccaneers), one of the best quarterbacks of all time, could not achieve.

The Super Bowl (NFL Championship Match), which celebrated its 57th this year, will be held on the 13th at 8:30 am (Korean time) at Glendale State Farm Stadium in Arizona, USA, with a confrontation between the Kansas City Chiefs (AFC) and the Philadelphia Eagles (NFC). Kansas City, who won the Super Bowl in the 1969 and 2019 seasons, is the third overall, and Philadelphia, who won the 2017 season, is challenging Vince Lombardi (Super Bowl championship trophy) for the second time.

Attention is focused on the quarterback confrontation. The quarterback is the leader of the offensive team. He is the ‘field commander’ who leads the offense by passing to receivers and running backs. Mahomes and Jaylen Hertz (25) of Philadelphia face each other for the top spot. In the local area, there is great interest in the first black quarterback confrontation in the Super Bowl. In the meantime, white quarterbacks showed a high strength. The 1st to 10th ranking quarterback passing yards in NFL history are all white.

Mahomes is ahead of him in terms of skill and momentum. He is undoubtedly the best quarterback in the NFL. He also started 17 games this season, totaling 5250 yards passing. 41 touchdown passes. Mahomes finished first in both categories. In the 2022 regular season MVP voting announced on the 10th, he was selected as the MVP for the second season of his personal career, sweeping 48 out of 50 first place votes

Hertz, who earned two first-place votes following Mahomes, is a rising quarterback in the NFL. Hertz, three years into his debut, played in 15 games this season, catching 22 touchdown passes for 3710 passing yards. Hertz, who was evaluated as a backup quarterback, showed outstanding growth this season and quickly emerged as a season MVP candidate. He is evaluated as having decent skills in rushing and passing. This is 카지노his first Super Bowl appearance.

Mahomes challenges Brady’s stronghold with this Super Bowl victory. Brady, who overturned retirement once, decided to officially retire at the end of this season. The top quarterback spot created by Brady’s retirement was reserved by Mahomes. The son of his father, Pat Mahomes, a former major league pitcher in the United States, Mahomes’ greatest strength is his ability to throw ‘missile passes’ with his powerful shoulder. He also played baseball and American football at the same time.

Mahomes is determined to erase Brady’s mark by winning the Super Bowl the same season he retired. He also did not attend the MVP award ceremony because he was devoted to training. Kansas City, led by Mahomes, has become strong enough to advance to the Super Bowl three times out of the last four seasons. What is lacking is the number of Super Bowl wins. Brady has won seven Super Bowl championship rings in his career, but Mahomes has only won one.

When Ma Holmes was also asked to compare him with Brad, he expressed his determination to win the Super Bowl more. In an interview with local media on the 12th (Korean time), he said, “I am trying to catch up with Brady. He (better than me) is far ahead. As for the comparison with Brady, ask me when I’m 38 years old,” he said.

Mahomes challenges the ‘Regular League MVP-Super Bowl Championship-Super Bowl MVP’, which Brady did not do in the 2022 Super Bowl. Mahomes has won two season MVPs (2018, 2022) and won the Super Bowl and MVP once (2019 season). In the 2018 Super Bowl, they lost (31-37) to the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship. The MVP of the 2019 season passed to Lamar Jackson (Baltimore Ravens).

If Mahomes succeeds in regular league MVP-Super Bowl victory-Super Bowl MVP’, which even Brady did not, he will put his name on NFL history. Kurt Warner, who played quarterback for the St. Louis Rams in the 1999 season, was the last to achieve this record. It is a record that has never been done by only six players in NFL history (Bart Starr, Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana, Emmit Smith, Steve Young, and Cutter Warner).


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