‘Suspicion of forgery of career’

 Song Jin-ho, president-elect of the South Jeolla Sports Council, was accused of falsifying his career.

The South Jeolla Province Election Commission announced on the 9th that it had filed a complaint with the police against President-elect Song for publishing false information (violation of the Consigned Election Act).

President-elect Song is suspected of falsely reporting his academic background and general career while running for the election for the president of the Provincial Sports Council.안전놀이터

President-elect Song is denying the allegations, claiming the abolition of university departments and some misunderstandings.

An official from the Jeonnam Provincial Election Commission said, “Under the regulations, we cannot disclose details other than whether or not there was an accusation.”

The police will launch an investigation based on the complaint.

The term of office of the new provincial sports president is 4 years, from February to February 2027.

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