Summoned Ryu Hyun-jin in 2010… 27th 1-run ERA in history Peddie

Foreign pitcher Eric Peddy (30-NC Dinos) will attempt to post a sub-1 ERA for the first time in 13 years.

Pedi’s ERA will be one of the key things to watch in the second half of the KBO season, which resumes on April 21. After finishing the first half with a 1.71 ERA, it will be interesting to see if he can keep up the pace in the second half.

Since the inception of professional baseball in 1982, there have been a total of 26 starts with an ERA of one run or less in regulation innings. Coincidentally, most of these occurred before 2000. In the 21st century, Ryu Hyun-jin (then of the Hanwha Eagles) set the first and last record in 2010. That year, Ryu posted a 1.82 ERA in 25 games, turning back the clock 12 years after Jung Myung-won (Hyundai Unicorns – 1.86) and Lim Chang-yong (Hattae Tigers – 1.89) in 1998.

ERAs of one run or less in regulation innings have been a dying breed for more than a decade. It’s a difficult feat to accomplish, as it requires a near full-time season and a steady performance. Pedi deserves a passing grade in both categories. He doesn’t give up a lot of runs. His most earned runs in a game is just three. He’s allowed two earned runs or less in 13 of his 15 starts. He doesn’t give up a lot of runs, which keeps his ERA in the one-run range.

“I haven’t faced Ryu (in the major leagues), but I know what he’s like,” Peddy told the publication. “I’ve been told that I’m going to try to break the record (after 13 years), but I’m trying not to think about the score as much as possible. What I need to focus on now is recovering after the game and preparing for the next game. In the second half, I need to reduce my strikeouts and walks, but other than that, I’m fine.”

The NC helped Pedi adjust immediately after signing him. “They were quick to give me a KBO official ball. I also trained a lot in the offseason and tried to show a good performance.” “The batters who scored a lot of runs (in each game) gave me a lot of psychological support. I was able to focus on my own game against the other batsmen. I’m proud of it because it’s a statistic that I shared with my teammates.” For the season, Pedi’s 5.47 runs per game (R/G) ranks first among regulation pitchers. The team’s hot bats have helped them to a league-high 12 wins in the first half alone (second place is Adam Plutko of the LG Twins with 11).

In particular, his ERA in home games is 1.67 (1.73 away). Pedi, a former big leaguer, said, “The KBO is a very energetic league. “There are a lot of good hitters and pitchers,” he says, “and Changwon NC Park (their home stadium) is better than any other baseball facility. I get a lot of help from the power analysis and so on.”카지노

He is not greedy for a one-run ERA. It’s more important to be the team’s ace and help them compete for a postseason berth. With 39 wins, one tie and 38 losses, the NC clung to a 5 percent chance of winning the first half. They are in fourth place, one game ahead of the fifth-place Lotte Giants (38-39). “I know what role the team wants me to play,” said Pedi. I will focus on my role for the team. “The goal is for the team to reach the postseason,” Pedi said.

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