Stamina & power & skill… Cheonan City FC starts field training in Thailand

Cheonan City FC, a professional soccer team, left for Chonburi, Thailand on the 6th. Chonburi is a well-known tourist destination, but the team led by coach Park Nam-yeol departed through Incheon International Airport with the determination to return with their improved skills instead of souvenirs through simple training rather than tourism.

Compared to Korea, Thailand, where the weather is warmer, is considered an appropriate place to increase physical strength while lowering the risk of injury. As the team has already gathered at the Cheonan Soccer Center since last month to warm up, the training in Thailand is expected to be more focused.

There are many K-League teams setting up training camps in the same area, so there is a high possibility that practice matches will be held as training partners for each other. In addition to strengthening physical strength, it is a field training that will be the first step in realizing the tactical sketch envisioned by manager Park Nam-yeol in the actual team. 안전놀이터

Cheonan Mayor Park Sang-don, the owner of the team, encouraged the team to go to overseas training for the first time in history, saying, “I hope that our club will become a team that citizens can feel proud of and support.” Please come back with a foundation of skills that can give you success.”

Manager Park Nam-yeol said, “I will organize the team well so that we can compete confidently and produce meaningful results. I will make full use of the time given to me and fill the field training to the fullest.”

The Cheonan City FC team is scheduled to return to Korea on the 27th after a three-week field training in Thailand. Next month, they will move to Seogwipo, Jeju Island, to conduct the second field training.