‘Spring volleyball competition’… Why OK Financial Group can’t laugh

broke the losing streak and changed the rankings, but somehow, there is a feeling of regret. The concerns of OK Financial Group, which continues to hope for spring volleyball, are deepening.

OK Financial Group had a set score of 3-2 (27-25, 21-25, 26-24, 13-25, 15 -13) and ended a four-game losing streak.

OK Financial Group (13 wins, 14 losses, 39 points), which earned 2 points, brought KEPCO (12 wins, 14 losses, 38 points) down to 5th place and regained the 4th place. However, if KEPCO beats KB Insurance on the 9th and gains 3 points, it can rise to 3rd place at once. It is said that the current ranking change is not very meaningful.

Although ‘Ace’ Leo ended his losing streak… Throughout the

game, Leo saved the team. In the 안전놀이터1st set 24-25, he succeeded in opening attack and back attack, respectively, and ended the 1st set with a powerful spike serve in 26-25. He finished his warm-up early, scoring a whopping 10 points in the first set alone.

In the second set, it was relatively quiet with 4 points. Then, the atmosphere at OK Financial Group also faltered, and in the meantime, Woori Card, which gave up one set, started a counterattack. Based on the performance of Agamez and Na Gyeong-bok, who improved their condition, they won the second set.

In the third set, a rare sight unfolded. The referee requested a video review of Leo’s attack scene in 24-23, when OK Financial Group preoccupied the set point. The result was ‘unreadable’, and a replay was declared. Not only Leo, but the entire OK Financial Group responded that it was difficult to understand, but the decision did not change.

Even so, Leo didn’t break down. He finished the third set with a sub ace after succeeding in a C fast attack from an angle similar to the video reading situation. Had it not been for Leo, who scored 10 points in the 3rd set alone, he would have tilted the weight of the match towards our card.

OK Financial Group gave Woori Card the 4th set, which flowed in a one-sided atmosphere, but smiled broadly at the end. In 12-12, Leo’s open attack after receiving Jin Sang-heon’s toss led to a goal and took the lead, and in 14-13, Jin Sang-heon’s blocking of Agamez’s attack put an end to the fierce game.

After all, Leo (36 points), who scored the most points among both teams of OK Financial Group, where only Leo should be trusted, showed an attack success rate (51.67%) of over 50% even with 15 errors. With only 5 serve aces, he shook the opponent by making good use of his strengths.

Woori Card was defeated even after the ‘Triangle Formation’ led by Na Gyeong-bok (26 points), Agamez (21 points), and Song Hee-chae (15 points) scored 62 points. Na Kyung-bok, who could have achieved the triple crown (recording 3 or more each of back attack, blocking, and serve aces) if only 2 blockings were added, eased the burden on Agamez.

In the end, I won, but I can’t say that I was better than my opponent in terms of content. Park Seung-soo (4 points), who had to fill the gap of Cha Ji-hwan, who was out of power due to a knee injury, did not live up to expectations. Song Myeong-geun (15 points) is the same. As a result, the attack had no choice but to focus on one place, Leo. On this day, Leo’s attack share reached 57.69%.

In addition, in the 4th set, where the score gap widened greatly, OK Financial Group’s receive line was unstable when Leo was in the back. It is safe to say that the game, which can be solved more easily, has become longer because of the defense. That’s why you can’t be satisfied with 2 points.

In the spring volleyball competition, where rankings can be determined by 1 point, there will be more regrets. Leo can’t do it all alone. It remains to be seen how OK Financial Group, which is highly dependent on foreign players, will solve the rest of the season.

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