“Sorry, I’ll grow up”… ‘Ceremony Death’ Kang Baek-ho made another promise 

 “I will try to become a person who has grown as an athlete and a person with good humanity.” The

2021 Tokyo Olympics. It was an unforgettable 토토사이트 tournament for Kang Baek-ho. This is because it was an unintended and completely unexpected tournament where ‘controversy’ arose. At the time when the bronze medal match was in progress, the relay camera caught Kang Baek-ho’s appearance while the defeat was getting darker. Kang Baek-ho, who leaned against the dugout, was chewing gum, and Park Chan-ho, the ‘Korean Express’ who was in charge of the commentary, scolded his junior for his actions.

Criticism and condemnation from the people poured out on the humiliation of the Olympic ‘No Medal’ and Kang Baek-ho’s behavior. And Kang Baek-ho’s behavior caused a lot of talk, and it spread to a situation where not only coach Kim Gyeong-moon, who was in charge of the Olympic command tower at the time, but also coach Lee Kang-cheol of his team bowed their heads. And in this tournament, Kang Baek-ho once again became a source of gossip. This time it was not because of baseball, but because of play.

Korea has been preparing for the tournament with the goal of advancing to the semifinals of the WBC. The first step to achieving that goal is to advance to the quarterfinals. To do this, we had to capture Australia. The KBO and WBC technical committees analyzed the weaknesses of players who are likely to be selected for the Australian national team, and made a list of 30 players considering that there are many pitchers who have breaking balls as winning shots and many left-handed pitchers. However, Korea suffered a shocking defeat to Australia 7-8.

There were so many reasons for the defeat, but Kang Baek-ho was the one who received the most attention this time. In the 7th inning, behind 4-5, with no runners out, the Korean bench put in Kang Baek-ho as a pinch hitter. And Kang Baek-ho seemed to give the team a chance by pulling out a double in the center field. However, at this time, Kang Baek-ho, who was performing a vigorous ceremony, fell off the second base, and Australia did not miss it and requested a video review. As a result, the decision that was safe was overturned as an out.

Kang Baek-ho made a gesture that he couldn’t understand, but Kang Baek-ho, seen through the slow picture, was clearly out. Kang Baek-ho poured cold water on his complacent play, and Korea suffered a shocking defeat 7-8 in a fierce battle. Since then, Korea lost to Japan 4-13, making the chances of advancing to the quarterfinals slim. On the 13th, Australia caught the Czech Republic and suffered the ‘humiliation’ of being eliminated in the first round three times in a row following 2013 and 2017.

Kang Baek-ho, who was leaving the mixed zone after the match on the 13th, opened the door with difficulty, saying, “I am very sorry to the fans who have been looking forward to it. I want to apologize for not doing as well as expected.”

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