Son Heung-min, who humbly accepted criticism, “I agree 100%… I’m sorry to everyone”

“I’m sorry to the team, fans and club”

Tottenham Hotspur striker Son Heung-min expressed his regret for the sluggish performance this season in an interview with the British media Daily Mail on the 18th (Korean time).

Son Heung-min scored 23 goals in the league alone last season and won the Premier League top scorer for the first time in his life. As Son Heung-min recorded a career high, many fans raised great expectations for Son Heung-min’s performance in the 2022/23 season.

However, contrary to everyone’s expectations, Son Heung-min is having a hard time scoring goals this season. Son Heung-min, who scored 23 goals last season and was the top scorer, has scored only 4 goals in the league this season.

In November of last year, he collided with an opposing defender during a game and suffered an orbital fracture, so he played the game wearing a mask that obstructed his vision.

Regarding the sluggish performance and injury, Son Heung-min said, “I don’t blame the injury. I was just very frustrated. If I hadn’t done that then, I would have gone crazy.” “He expressed his feelings.

“It’s a difficult problem. I always look 온라인바카라at my game and try to improve and see what I can do better,” he said. “I’ve had unforgettable, incredible years, but sometimes the bad times make me stronger. I am also working hard to speak positively.”

“I know that the fans want more from me, and so do I,” he said. “I agree 100% with the criticism and I’m sorry to the team, the fans and the club. I had high expectations because I had done well in the past. I have to reproduce what I did well. I do,” he said, expressing regret.

Tottenham are struggling once again to qualify for the UEFA (European Football Federation) Champions League following last season.

Currently, Tottenham is in 5th place in the league and aiming to enter the top 4, but recently coach Antonio Conte took a break in Italy due to the aftermath of gallbladder removal surgery, so he will play without coach Conte for the time being.

Regarding the current situation, Son Heung-min said, “We have to believe that we have done it before. I would like to say in a better situation, but the coach is having a hard time, so we have to give something back.”

“I’m only sorry that the coach gave me everything. That’s why I want to give back everything the coach can receive. I always try to do my best for the coach,” he said. It has to be seen. This is the most important thing,” he insisted.

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