‘Scott’s successful comeback match’ Korea Gas Corporation wins Samsung after a close match… 2 consecutive wins

KOGAS succeeded in winning two consecutive games.

Daegu Korea Gas Corporation won 83-77 against Seoul Samsung, where Si-rae Kim and Won-seok Lee fought hard, thanks to the foreign duo, Lee Dae-seong and Lee Dae-heon, in the 2022-23 SKT A. Pro Basketball held at the Daegu Indoor Gymnasium on the 7th.

As a result of the day, KOGAS maintained 8th place with 2 wins in a row and 12 wins and 16 losses, and Samsung stayed in last place with 7 consecutive losses and 20 losses ((10 wins).

1st quarter, KOGAS 20- 18 Samsung: Complete exploration, 10 minutes to announce a close match

KOGAS started with Lee Dae-seong, Jo Sang-yeol, Park Ji-hoon, Lee Dae-heon, and Murphy Holloway, while Samsung started with Kim Si-rae, Kim Jin-young, Lim Dong-seop, Jang Min-guk, and Emmanuel Terry in the starting lineup. For

two minutes, both teams played a search game in a calm atmosphere, and Samsung took a narrow lead, 5-4. After that, Samsung led 8-4 with a successful defense added to Kim Si-rae’s 3-point shot, and after 4 minutes, the early offense situation Kim Jin-young’s 3-point shot made it 11-4 and took the flow. Gas Corporation had time to reorganize the line through operation time.

Gas Corporation counterattacked. Park Ji-hoon’s 3-point shot and Lee Dae-heon’s jumper took the lead to 9-13. After narrowing it down, Holloway’s score was added and they caught up to the bottom of the chin at 14-16 Samsung had to be satisfied with maintaining the lead with Terry’s 3-point play.

In the middle, both teams’ offensive flow slowed down sharply, and KOGAS succeeded in tying the score at 16-16 with Lee Dae-sung scoring with 2 minutes left. Gas Corporation was ahead by only two points. Both teams were unable to develop an effective attack until the end of the quarter.

2nd Quarter, KOGAS 41-40 Samsung: Unbreakable balance

KOGAS widened the score to 25-20 with a 3-point Chabawi shot and Scott’s bottom-of-the-box shot. Samsung immediately struck back. Alledge made a free throw and a 3-pointer, and made two defenses to tie the game at 25-25.

After that, both teams could not make an additional point for close to a minute, and Gas Corporation took a lead by one point with Scott’s free throw first. Samsung, which had been hesitant, counterattacked again, and Lee Won-seok, who added Kim Si-rae’s 3-point shot, succeeded in reversing the game 30-26. Gas Corporation took the operation time.

Gas Corporation changed the flow. Holloway contributed with points and assists, and Lee Dae-sung responded with a three-point shot. In addition, Lee Dae-heon added points with jumpers and free throws, giving the team a 34-31, 3-point lead. Samsung had a crack in the transition and even the defense was disturbed. I had to be content with keeping the balance.

With two minutes left in the game, Shin Dong-hyeok fired a long-range 3-pointer to tie the game at 34-34.

Afterwards, both teams exchanged points in a flexible attack flow. The two teams traded turns amid continued scoring, and Gas Corporation took a lead by one point with a hollow-way post-up that exploded 13 seconds before the end.  

3rd Quarter, KOGAS 65-55 Samsung: Calm and focused, KOGAS running away

Both teams passed the first half in a flexible attack flow. If KOGAS was ahead, it was 2 minutes of the flow that Samsung was chasing. The balance was maintained as both teams made a total of 10 points.

Afterwards, Gas Corporation led 50-45, 5 points with Lee Dae-heon’s footback added to Jo Sang-yeol’s 3 points. When 3 minutes and 29 seconds passed, Samsung took the operation time. He placed simple orders throughout the airlift and did not miss encouragement.

The gas company ran away. The attack under the goal using Holloway and Lee Dae-heon was effective, and the interpersonal defense was also developed effectively, widening the score gap. They led 57-48, 9 points with 4 minutes left. Samsung passed through a difficult time with unfortunate scenes being directed throughout the air and water. 메이저사이트

After that, Samsung blocked the run with a changed concentration in defense, and narrowed it down to 51-57 with a series of free throws. Gas Corporation’s attack slowed down, and the operation time was taken with about 3 minutes left before the end. He dictated patterns in defense concentration and attack.

Entering the final stage, the gas construction company ran away. Lee Dae-sung’s consecutive assists led to Scott, Lee Dae-heon, and Woo Dong-hyun’s scoring, and they successfully deployed inside defense to prevent conceding, taking a 65-53, 12-point lead from inside the final minute.

Samsung faltered and had to be content with adding two points. Gas Corporation was ahead by 10 points.

4th Quarter, KOGAS 83-77 Samsung: Samsung’s intense chase, KOGAS succeeds in 2 consecutive wins

The gas company continued to run away. The key was Scott. Scott scored with a variety of offensive routes, including breakthroughs, tip-ins and free throws. With a generous lead, even the defense became solid. Samsung’s internal and external attacks were flexibly blocked. They were ahead by 71-58, 13 points at the 3rd minute.

Samsung counterattacked once with Lee Jung-hyun at the fore. Lee Jung-hyun scored with three points, a free throw and a footback. And when 4 minutes and 40 seconds passed, Lee Jeong-hyun and Terry’s two-man game was converted into a dunk shot, narrowing the score to 66-72, 6 points in an instant.

Korea Gas Corporation’s operation time. I had to put my concentration and organizational skills in order.

After that, a seesaw game. Both teams exchanged points in active attack development. KOGAS continued to lead by 6-7 points.

The close match continued, and Samsung, who trailed 7 points with about 2 minutes left in the end, took the operation time. Samsung narrowed it down. Terry Dunk and Kim Si-rae caught up 77-81 with free throws. Operation time for gas construction. The remaining time was 1 minute and 23 seconds, and it was a moment that required a strategy not to miss the victory.

With 23 seconds left in the game, Lee Dae-sung’s valuable footback exploded. It was a goal that guaranteed victory. There were no further changes. KOGAS succeeded in winning two consecutive games.