Samsung “FA Jung Chan-heon is not interested. If there was, I would have started earlier.”

“Jung Chan-heon? If I had been interested, I would have come earlier.”

Samsung drew a clear line with free agency pitcher Jung Chan-heon (33). It was emphasized that there was no intent to recruit at all.

Samsung coach Park Jin-man said, “If you were interested, you would have contacted me already. But we didn’t move. There was no interest in Jeong Chan-heon from the beginning and there will be no interest in it in the future.”

Jeong Chan-heon is still unable to find a team.

In such a situation, he expressed his intention that Kiwoom, the original club, would actively promote a sign-and-trade. It was because of the judgment that he might be struggling with being caught in a compensation player.

It was meant to reduce the burden by receiving compensation for Jung Chan-heon only in cash.

As Kiwoom actively came out, opinions were raised that some teams might be interested in Jung Chan-heon. Samsung was one of those teams.

Samsung is a team that has relatively weak points on the mound. He has a weakness, especially in the bullpen.

Jeong Chan-heon is a pitcher with a back injury, but he appeals that he can also be used as a bullpen. The analysis that Samsung, which is numerically weak in pitching power, can be coveted gained strength.

Jeong Chan-heon took the mound in 20 games last year, recording 5 wins and 6 losses with an average ERA of 5.36. He had a high batting average of 0.302 and a poor WHIP of 1.53.

However, he is still evaluated as a pitcher with utility value. There are teams that notice that he can do his part, even if it is difficult to perform very well. 토토사이트

However, Samsung seems to have to be removed from such teams. Although his pitching ability is relatively poor, he made it clear that he doesn’t care much about the pitchers currently on the market.

He is not yet active in the twin game using the catcher. The reason is that other teams don’t offer enough cards to take a starting catcher.

The reality of Samsung is that it is not as active as expected in recruiting pitchers. If they hold on until June, it can be interpreted that the return of Choi Ji-gwang and Choi Chae-heung from the military is a factor that makes them hesitate to make a big decision.

Contrary to general expectations, Samsung is not paying much attention to recruiting pitchers. It seems that they are calculating that they can make up for their shortcomings even with internal training.

If it is not a player who can definitely lead to ‘recruitment = power’, it seems that he will not easily extend his hand. Looking at the steps taken so far, this is quite predictable.

Samsung not moving easily unless it’s a sure card. It remains to be seen what effect the delay in improving pitching will have.

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