Ronaldo postponed his debut… Applause and 750 million won

I watched Ronaldo’s first game from the locker room after he moved to Saudi Arabia because of the EPL penalty. Even though he didn’t play the game, Ronaldo’s bank account brings in 750 million won a day.

Sports news, Reporter Lee Jung-min reports.

Cristiano Ronaldo checks the performance of his teammates through TV in the locker room instead of on the pitch, and applauds. This is because he was suspended for two games for his rude behavior for knocking down a boy fan’s mobile phone while at his former club Manchester United.

Even if you move the league according to FIFA regulations, the penalty will continue. Ronaldo’s annual salary is 270 billion won. Ronaldo’s current team, Saudi Arabia’s Al Nasr, gave Ronaldo 750 million won a day for just applauding. 안전놀이터

Liverpool, a prestigious Premier League club, has called the Napoli club to recruit Kim Min-jae. Italian media Il Martino reported on the 6th, local time. Liverpool’s ‘defensive nucleus’ Van Dijk suffered a hamstring injury. As an alternative, Kim Min-jae came to mind.

Kim Jin-yu’s cool 3-point shot. From Jeon Seong-hyun, Lee Jung-hyun, and foreign player Lawson, Carrot’s outskirts give strength. Carrot, which has been raising concerns over its lame operation due to a one-week delay in paying wages due to management difficulties at the parent company, defeated LG by 9 points and won 2 consecutive victories and ranked 5th alone. DB’s acting coach Kim Joo-sung won his managerial debut by defeating Mobis after extra time.

This is Lee Jung-min from TV Chosun.