Ronaldo ignores ‘discipline’ and explores the possibility of ‘debut tonight’

Cristiano Ronaldo and Al Nasr are likely to ignore the ‘two match suspension’ punishment, British media reported.

Britain’s ‘Daily Mail’ exclusively reported on the 5th (Korean time) that ‘Ronaldo can defy the punishment from the English Football Association (FA) and make his debut tonight.’

The Daily Mail reported that Ronaldo was punished for destroying an Everton fan’s mobile phone. He left Manchester United for a move to Saudi Arabia, but the punishment is considered valid. However, Ronaldo ignored this and he explained that Al Nasr could go ahead with his debut.

The Daily Mail reported, ‘If Ronaldo does not follow discipline and makes his debut, he risks further punishment. Al Nasr desperately hopes Ronaldo will make his debut today (5th). “Al-Nassr did not make it clear that he would be using Ronaldo just hours before the match.” 안전놀이터

“Al-Nasr’s leadership is known to be considering ways to circumvent the punishment. If discipline is ignored, al-Nasr could face a hefty fine. Al-Nasr, however, is very wealthy, so he doesn’t blink an eye at the fine. However, there is a possibility that it will have some effect on Ronaldo later.’

In other words, from Al Nasr’s point of view, it is enough to pay a fine, but Ronaldo cannot avoid strong moral criticism.

Ronaldo committed a violent act while away from Everton in April 2022 while he was with Manchester United. In the process of exiting the game, he hit a boy’s cell phone and knocked it to the ground. The FA confirmed the penalty for Ronaldo in November. It is a two-game suspension and a fine of 50,000 pounds (about 76 million won).

However, Ronaldo broke the contract with Manchester United before the disciplinary action was applied. And he moved to the Saudi Arabia league. The FA argued that the penalty should also be applied in Saudi Arabia through an authoritative interpretation of FIFA rules.

Meanwhile, Al-Nasr will play Altai on the 6th at 0:00. The match was announced on official SNS. In the post, there are repeated questions asking whether Ronaldo will participate.