‘regular league championship looks like’ KGC, first 10-game winning streak since SBS days

The rise of Anyang KGC is steep. At one time, it was fiercely pursued by second place Changwon LG, but now it is relatively stable in winning the regular league. I am aiming for my first 10 consecutive wins since my days at SBS.

▶Anyang KGC (32 wins, 11 losses, 1st place) vs Jeonju KCC (17 wins, 22 losses, 6th place) February

17th (Friday) 7pm, Anyang Gymnasium SPOTV

-KCC wins first 10 consecutive wins after taking over SBS
-KCC , Victory over 90 points against KGC
-Is Lee Seung-hyun returning early?

KGC’s team’s most consecutive wins, including the previous SBS days, is 15 consecutive wins achieved at the end of the 2004-2005 season. At that time, SBS ran 15 consecutive wins, starting with the first game played by Dante Jones, who was recruited as a substitute foreign player for Joe Burn, and set a new record for the most consecutive wins in KBL. Currently, it is the record for the 4th most consecutive wins in KBL history.

The history of the KGC basketball team that acquired SBS began with the 2005-2006 season. After joining Oh Se-geun, KGC won the championship three times and rose to the prestigious ranks. However, there is no experience of achieving 10 consecutive wins after the founding of the basketball team, including the KT&G days. At the end of the 2016-2017 season, when they achieved their first combined championship, they ran for 9 consecutive wins, but lost in the first game of the 2017-2018 season and failed to win 10 in a row.

If they win the home game against Jeonju KCC on the 17th, KGC will achieve their first 10-game winning streak after taking over the SBS basketball team. In addition, it can take a step closer to the club’s all-time record for most wins in a season. KGC’s most wins in a season is 39 wins recorded in the 2016-2017 season. This season, they are recording 32 wins with 11 games remaining until the end of the regular season.

In the face-to-face confrontation between KGC and KCC, there were many close encounters. In the 4th round match, Omari Spellman (34 points) and Ronde Hollis Jefferson (37 points) performed one of the best showdowns this season. The opponent record is 2 wins and 2 losses, and the goal margin is -3.5 points. KCC is the only opponent that KGC does not have an advantage in the opponent record.

Up to the 4th round confrontation, they faced each other tightly, but in the 5th round confrontation, KGC’s superiority is predicted in terms of objective power. This is because, along with KGC’s rising trend, the factor of weakening KCC’s power is clear바카라. KCC kicked out Heo Woong, who was away due to an ankle injury, and even Jefferson, who caused controversy over sabotage. The record after the All-Star break (1-7, win rate .125) is ninth after Daegu Korea Gas Corporation (1-11, win rate .083).

Lee Seung-hyun, who was predicted to return in the home game against Seoul SK on the 23rd, is preparing for an early return, but it is unknown how much he will recover his sense of the game and his condition. It should also be taken into account that KCC’s chances of winning will decrease only with defense. KCC won only two games with 90 or more points in head-to-head matches. The two games that stopped at 80 points were all lost by 2 points.

A confrontation between KGC and KCC with a clear difference in the number of people available. Will KGC be able to take a step closer to winning the regular league by winning its first 10 consecutive wins after taking over the basketball team? If both KGC and LG, who play side by side on the 17th, win, KGC’s regular season winning magic number will be reduced to 7.

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