Professional basketball fantasy game ‘KBL Fantasy’ officially launched on the 15th

On the 15th, KBL officially launched ‘KBL Fantasy’, a professional basketball fantasy game that was directly planned and developed by the federation for the first time in Korea’s professional sports.

‘KBL Fantasy’ can be used with KBL’s integrated 메이저놀이터 homepage & application account, which reached 250,000 subscribers last February, and is a game available to all ages. The game method predicts the players who are expected to perform among the players participating in the KBL game in advance, configures their own lineup, and determines the winner by giving points to the player’s actual game record.

Through ‘KBL Fantasy’, KBL plans to provide entertainment and various benefits for subscribers of the integrated homepage & application, and plans to secure profitability through sponsorship links.

Meanwhile, to commemorate the official launch of ‘KBL Fantasy’, an event will be held from the 15th (Wed) to the 26th (Sun) to invite the top 10 players with high scores to the KBL Awards Ceremony. For more information on ‘KBL Fantasy’, visit the ‘KBL Fantasy’ official website.

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