Preparations for the match against Italy are over…Coach Kim Eun-joong “Now it’s a battle of mental strength and concentration”

The Korean national team, which is trying to advance to the final of the FIFA (International Football Federation) U-20 (under 20) World Cup, finished preparations for the semi-final match against Italy.

On the 8th (Korean time), the day before the semifinals, the national team held an open training session for about an hour at the Estancia Chica Training Center in La Plata, Argentina.메이저놀이터

On the 6th, the day after the match against Nigeria in the quarterfinals, the players were given a full day of rest and on the 7th, most of the players did stretching and light recovery training.

Although the training was not long, about an hour, the focus was on raising the sense of practice and reviewing the things I had learned in preparation for tomorrow’s game, such as checking the counterattack pattern play and mini-games that I had practiced so far. It was not much different from the training content practiced during this competition. Manager Kim Eun-joong (44) said, “Time is short, so it is not easy to make new changes, and our players are trying to do what they have done well.”

All four matches, except for the round of 16, were played after only two days of rest, and the players’ stamina became a problem throughout the tournament. However, it is a fortunate situation for our players as they are given an extra day of rest ahead of the semifinals. Up until the day before, coach Kim had even said, “The players have become ‘zombies,’” but on this day, the players showed a lot of energy in the mini-game, which was played with tension as if it were a real game. He said, “Strategy and tactics are important, but from now on, it’s a fight to see which team has the mental strength and concentration, so we can produce good enough results.”

Coach Kim said, “In the previous game, there was a part where our players were less recovered than expected, but this time, we had time to recover by resting for three days, one more day than in the quarterfinals.” I look forward to being able to work in good condition,” he said.

On the 8th (Korean time), at the Estancia Chica Training Center in La Plata, Argentina, the 2023 FIFA U-20 World Cup Korean national soccer team players pass in the last training session one day before the semifinal match against Italy. are doing /yunhap news

The Korean defense is in good health to block Italy’s Cesare Casadei (20, Reading), who is leading the scoring with 6 goals and 2 assists in this tournament. The main central defender Kim Ji-soo (20, Seongnam), who was replaced due to a minor injury in the second half of the game against Nigeria, is in good shape. Kim Ji-soo said, “I had a thigh pain, so I gave a signal because I thought it would harm the team, but I’m fine now,” and “I will recover well and show a better image.”

Regarding his performance in this tournament, he said, “It is 70 points. I have some regrets, so I will lift my body up and show a better appearance,” he said.

In the attack, Lee Ji-han (20, Freiburg), who plays in Germany, takes the lead. As the only European player in the national team along with Kim Yong-hak (20, Portimonense), who plays in Portugal, he expressed his confidence in Italy, saying, “Since I played in Europe, I think I got used to the style, physical combat, and tempo.”

Lee Ji-han is a player whose strength is dribbling and shooting, which folds or strikes outward so that the opponent is difficult to react or predict when attacking. He explained his role, saying, “The coach tells me to recklessly rejuvenate when entering the stadium.”

The atmosphere of the team is also good. When the players gathered at the end of training, Lee Ji-han showed a relaxed attitude, saying, “In 2019, when the hyungs won runner-up, there was talk of a bounty, so we also talked about going to the finals and getting a bounty.” Kim Ji-soo” Our team has a very bright image, and the coach made it bright, so many players follow it. I think I can do well because I play fun soccer.”

On the 8th (Korean time), at the Estancia Chica Training Center in La Plata, Argentina, the 2023 FIFA U-20 World Cup Korean national soccer team players in the final training session one day before the semifinal match against Italy, Lee Ji-han I am doing a bicycle kick. /yunhap news

Meanwhile, an official press conference was held at the Unico Diego Armando Maradona Stadium, where the semi-finals will be held during training. At this meeting attended by the coaches and captains of both teams, coach Kim said, “Italy is a well-prepared and strong team, so I thought I should prepare well.”

Coach Carmine Nunziata (56) said, “It seems that there are teams that will come up in the semifinals,” and “It will be a tough match against Korea.”

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