PR strategy off-beat, Heungkuk Life Insurance… We need to hire a specialist!

The front desk of professional sports is like moonlight. Although it does not emit dazzling light like the sun, the soft moonlight is indispensable. Although it is hidden from the brilliant sunlight, it is the kind of existence that separates you on the pitch-black night road. Front is a field that plays such a role in professional sports. The front office encompasses the entire operating organization of a professional club. Translating it as the secretariat in our language makes no sense. The reason why the front desk was suddenly brought up as a topic was the recent women’s professional volleyball Heungkuk Life Insurance incident. As it was revealed that the upper-level intervention in the operational control was the decisive factor behind the unreasonable hardship of the supervisor, the point of the desirable role of the front desk continued. In fact, it wasn’t long before the front desk was recognized for its presence in domestic professional sports. This is largely due to the fact that domestic professional sports have not yet established themselves as a proper industry. It is a cold reality that in professional baseball, which has grown up to the global standard with the longest history, or to say that the importance of the front desk has been recognized, it is still regarded as the level of support of the team in the rest of the sports.

It is partly because of the short history of professional volleyball, but above all, the decisive reason for its backwardness compared to other professional sports is the lack of professionalism of the front desk. Unlike baseball, which is the most advanced professional sport in Korea, most of the front desks of professional volleyball are still hired while working at the parent company. They have a poor understanding of sports in general and often expose dissonance with the field by hasty transplantation of corporate management and culture they are accustomed to. Due to the lack of professionalism, the field and clear boundaries are often forgotten. When an executive of a parent company also serves as the head of the front desk, interference and intervention are frequent. These clubs are generally characterized by the owner having a great interest and passion for volleyball. In order to look good to the owner, the head of the front desk invades the operational right, which is the director’s own territory, and gives instructions to Mijual and Gojual.

This Heungkuk Life Insurance incident also originated here. I don’t know if it’s the owner’s problem, where interest has become a disease, or the executive’s excessive loyalty to look good to the owner, but forgetting the role of the front desk and crossing the line that shouldn’t be crossed became the ember. The problem is that the behavior of Heungkuk Life Insurance, which has crossed the gold road, is not yesterday or today. Heungkuk Life’s frowned upon series of ‘dark history’ has reached a point where it can no longer be tolerated. This is because professional sports are not the plaything of the owner. Professional clubs may be owned by companies, but the intangible value of the V-League, to which Heungkuk Life Insurance belongs, is not that simple. This is because the solidarity collaboration between fans, the actual owners of the league, and other clubs is hidden in it. The nature of the public goods of professional clubs is the value formed in this way. It is difficult to forget that repeated mistakes can lead to a decline in the brand value of other clubs and the V-League. 메이저놀이터

Heungkuk Life Insurance must have been alerted by this incident. After thinking of professional clubs as just playing with dolls that the owner can enjoy, he must have felt desperately that the owners of professional sports are fans. If so, it would be right to humbly accept the fans’ request and correct the deviated trajectory as soon as possible. In order to clearly determine the director’s inherent authority and the role and boundaries of the front desk, it seems necessary to recruit a professional leader. This is because it is only when a general manager with volleyball expertise as well as an overall understanding of the sport comes in that the parting of the field and the front can be clearly achieved. In particular, I wonder if Heungkuk Life Insurance needs an expert who can make up for mistakes in public relations strategies that clubs often make. We need an expert who can effectively manage risks instead of a ‘tree frog PR strategist’ who always wrongly points out what fans and the public want and goes the opposite way.

He said that when approaching the front from the aspect of publicity strategy, it should be able to play the role of a breakwater and waterway wisely. The most basic ability and attitude of the public relations strategy front desk is to have both the role of a strong breakwater that blocks unreasonable and violent attacks from the outside as well as the role of a waterway that draws good ideas and suggestions into the organization. The evaluation that Heungkuk Life Insurance is a failing point in the club’s promotional strategy is dominant. This is because they perform the role of breakwater and waterway in an off-beat like a lie. It became a clumsy waterway when a strong breakwater was needed, and a clumsy breakwater when a smooth waterway was needed. How would the fans feel about this? My mouth only hurts to ask.

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