“Possible enough to advance into PS… Record proves”

“Fall baseball has plenty of potential. The record is telling.”

Hanwha Eagles coach Choi Won-ho, who achieved eight consecutive victories in just 51 days after taking office, expressed his confidence in advancing into fall baseball in an interview with the Daejeon Ilbo held at Hanwha Eagles Park in Daejeon on the 4th.

Director Choi, who had a relationship with Hanwha as Futures manager in November 2019, served as acting manager in 2020 and took over as the 13th manager of Hanwha Eagles on May 12.

Regarding this 8th consecutive victory, coach Choi said, “It is said that even my mother shed tears at this sudden achievement. The players are also in a state of emotion.” I feel a responsibility to show it.”

He explained that the experience of serving as an acting manager with the Futures League was the foundation for this winning streak.

Director Choi said, “Before I joined Futures, I prepared examples of developed countries and fostering systems, and acting as an acting coach was a great learning experience.” done,” he said.

It is argued that being inside Hanwha was advantageous. This is because it is easier to evaluate the player’s skills and tendencies, and the team members are less likely to be shaken because they can maintain the big frame.

Regarding the game against Samsung on the 2nd, unfortunately, coach Choi’s opinion was that “luck was not followed.”

Director Choi said, “There was a lack of strategy for pitcher Won Tae-in,” but “It was unfortunate that Chae Eun-seong and Moon Hyun-bin’s hits at the end were caught in the defense or Samsung’s attack was narrowly judged safe at home. There was no missed opportunity.”

Regarding the future operation plan of the 5 selections, which is the biggest concern of Hanwha fans, “I think it should be approached from a simple logic of appointing good players through natural competition rather than fostering specific players.” After that, I will be able to pick Kim Ki-joong, Nam Ji-min, Park Joon-young, Kim Seo-hyun, and Jung Eun-won as starting prospects for Futures.”

Regarding Kim Seo-hyun, who is having a difficult time hunting for the first pitch, he added that he will be promoted to the first team when he is properly prepared after undergoing thorough training.

Regarding the appointment of Ha Joo-seok, who participated in the Futures game that day, he said, “I have an idea to lead it.” “We have to go through several processes, including verification and the club’s decision,” he said.

Director Choi aims to foster promising players through the establishment of a ‘Farm system’.

He said he would help players grow quickly and minimize injuries through scientific motion analysis and systematic training. He also emphasized the importance of establishing detailed standards and a high understanding of the leader to implement them in order to increase efficiency with a small number of pitchers.안전놀이터

Coach Choi said, “The game where we beat Kia 1-0 became a turning point for the players to gain confidence.” I will do everything,” he said.

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