‘Playing coach’ Yeom Ki-hoon’s way to lead the team, “No concessions, juniors”

One year given again. Ki-Hoon Yeom (39, Suwon Samsung) sprints toward the end as always.

Yeom Ki-hun announced his retirement a year ago. He announced that he would take off his football boots at the end of last season. He revealed plans in advance to have a breakup period with his fans.

However, unexpectedly, Suwon fell into a deep swamp of sluggishness. He finished 10th in the league and went through the playoffs for his first promotion. Suwon, who survived with difficulty, asked Yeom Ki-hoon to accompany him for the last time.

At the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp held at Shilla Stay in Jeju on the 27th, Suwon coach Lee Byeong-geun mentioned Yeom Ki-hoon, who will be with him for another year as a playing coach.

Coach Lee said, “Yeom Ki-hun is a player who has excellent tactical execution skills and is a model player. He is also essential for building a team. He is a player who can give a lot of advice to juniors even if he does not play,” explaining the background of his request to stay. revealed

Yeom Ki-hoon confessed, “When the coach first proposed to become a playing coach, he said, ‘I will retire this year.’ At that time, I had a lot of worries.”

He said, “It was also a burden to have to reverse what I said. I thought hard and a lot,” he said.

If there is something different from last year, it is that he is a playing coach, not a general player. While training, he also has to pay attention to managing the squad. He didn’t just want the title of playing coach. ‘playing’

Yeom Ki-hoon said, “I first asked the coach how to be a playing coach. The coach said that I just need to keep my balance as I have done so far. So I try to talk with my juniors as much as possible. Yesterday, I even asked what side dishes I wanted to eat.” laughed

He said, “I’m a playing coach, but I’m registered as a player. I told my juniors that I’m going to compete just like you and I’m a player who wants to play.”

At the same time, he said, “If you tell me or the captain, Ikije, I will take your side and convey it. The most important thing is to convey the opinions of the players well.”

The last dance Yeom Ki-hun wants is Lee Dong-guk and Lee Ho. Last season, Lee Ho served as a playing coach at Ulsan Hyundai. In the final game where the championship was confirmed, he said a beautiful goodbye while stepping on the ground as a player.

Yeom Ki-hoon said, “(Lee) Dong-guk retired when the team was at its best, and (Lee)-ho also served as a playing coach and had a retirement ceremony with the championship. I was really envious.”

Then, he said, “I am training with such a dream. I believe that my juniors will also leave wonderful memories. I think it will be the most wonderful year of my 18 years of professional life,” he said about the last moment he wanted.온라인카지노

There is also the last monumental tower that Yeom Ki-hun is trying to build. It is the first 80 goals and 80 assists in K-League history. So far, Yeom Ki-hoon has recorded 77 goals and 110 assists in 442 games. 3 goals required.

Director Lee also said, “(Yeom) Ki-hoon has a big goal of 80 goals and 80 assists. I really want to achieve it.”

Yeom Ki-hoon said, “I’ve become really more desperate. Last year, I joked with my juniors, ‘Why don’t I get a penalty kick when I’m put in?’ I wonder if I should go away,” he said, expressing his wish.

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