Pitching practice on honeymoon ‘Yajinnam’… Granddaughter of the Wind “I’ll get the ball like this” 

 The shoulder of the national team finisher did not rest even on their honeymoon.

Ko Woo-seok (LG Twins)’s wife posted a video of her honeymoon destination on her SNS with the caption, “I’ll get the ball soon.”

In the video, Ko Woo-seok is practicing pitching against the backdrop of a hotel hallway in his honeymoon destination. Even though he doesn’t have a ball, he is one of the best fastball throwers, reaching up to 158km, and his sharp fingertips are impressive. The camera directing, which was taken at the end of a long hallway, of Go Woo-seok practicing pitching under bright lights as if reminiscent of a bullpen is also outstanding. 안전놀이터

Go Woo-seok was praised as a ‘Ya Jin-nam (a man who is serious about baseball)’ as it was known that he had been exercising on the morning of the wedding day.

Go Woo-seok’s wife is the daughter of ‘Son of the Wind’ Lee Jong-beom (LG Twins coach) and the younger sister of Lee Jung-hoo (Kiwoom Heroes). She became the son-in-law of the wind’s granddaughter. He is the star of the shoulder who dreams of advancing overseas and is the closer representing Korea, but there is no way he is not without burden. He is Go Woo-seok, who wants to be a man who can spread his shoulders at family gatherings.

Of course, he doesn’t just think about baseball on his honeymoon. He made a charming expression toward his wife, and he enjoyed swimming happily.

When the discussion of non-FA multi-year contracts came out last winter, Go Woo-seok replied, ‘I don’t think now is the timing.’ In December, LG general manager Cha Myung-seok said, “Ko Woo-seok is now 24 years old, and he is still the pitcher who throws the fastest ball in the league and makes 40 saves. I think there is value in it,” he said.

Ko Woo-seok joined LG in 2017 and played six seasons until last year. By the winter of 2025, he could try to advance to the major leagues as a free agent.

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