‘PBA Lucky Loser’ Jo Jae-ho, from the edge of the 2-loss cliff to Korea’s first world champion

Cho Jae-ho in the PBA final of the ‘SK Rent-A-Car PBA-LPBA 메이저사이트 World Championship 2023′ held at JTBC Studio Ilsan on the 11th. (NH Nonghyup Card) turned David Martinez (Crown Haetae) to a set score of 5-4.

With this, Cho Jae-ho won the Blue One Resort Championship in the opening game of this season, won the Crown Haitai Championship, and even won the World Championship crown, achieving three crowns this season. This is the highest number of wins in the career of a PBA domestic player. Until just before that, Jo Jae-ho recorded two wins in his career, standing shoulder to shoulder with ‘best friend’ Gang Dong-gung (SK Rent-A-Car). But now it has gone one step further. 

In addition, she won the opening game, the 8th game, and the King of Kings alongside Slong Piabi (Blue One Resort), who previously won the LPBA World Championship.

This is a very rare case in which the men’s and women’s champions brought the championship title to the opening game, the final tour of the regular season, and the world championship for the first time in PBA history. Cho Jae-ho even embraced the joy of becoming the first PBA domestic player to become the world champion. The accumulated prize money was 503 million won, jumping from 5th to 3rd.

Cho Jae-ho, whom we met after the game, first decided on a realistic impression, “I’m confused, so I don’t know.” It was the same as Throng’s answer, who had won the women’s division champions earlier. 

He said, “I always felt it while playing matches, but I don’t remember winning a match in a match with a good matchup.” There was a comment saying, “I wish I could (win).” The next match against Philippos in the quarterfinals was strangely painful. He revealed that he “cleared his mind a little bit and hit it.” Then the door to the quarterfinals opened. 

However, the start of Cho Jae-ho’s World Championship was not very smooth. Cho Jae-ho, who formed a team with Javier Palazon (Huons), Shin Dae-kwon, and Choi Won-joon in the round of 32, started off uneasy with a record of 1 win and 2 losses. It is a start that is not strange even if you pack your things early.

He was caught 3-2 by Palazon and shutout by Wonjun Choi. It was a situation where they won 3-0 only in the match against Shin Dae-gwon. However, Shin Dae-kwon defeated Choi Won-joon 3-1, so he suddenly got a ticket to the round of 16. In a word, he was a ‘Lucky loser’.

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