Paul George-Green One Voice “Whether you come to HOU, it may interfere with growth”

“Harden’s transfer may have a positive effect on growth, but at the same time it may have a negative effect.”

Paul George (Clippers) released an interview with Jaylen Green (Houston) on his personal podcast on the 23rd (Korea Standard Time).안전놀이터

It was an interesting meeting. George is a veteran wing resource from the 2010 Draft. A proven airlift and field resource that has been selected eight times for the All-Star. Green, on the other hand, is a promising guard born in 2002. He is a promising resource who is the second-ranked player in the 2021 draft and is still adapting to the NBA stage.

The two players continued to talk for a long time. The conversation between the two players about James Harden (Philadelphia) rumors was most interesting. Veteran George and promising Green both agreed that Harden’s move could be a drag on Green’s growth, drawing attention.

George said, “There are rumors that James Harden is moving to Houston, where you play. You are the king of Houston at this point. You have to go through a double team, a triple team triple team. “In this situation, if Harden comes, you can also grow by learning from Harden, but if Harden comes, it can definitely interfere with growth,” he pointed out.

Green then said, “I totally agree. growth or hindrance to growth. It can go in two directions. It can be helpful and at the same time hindering growth. You’re perfectly right,” he said.

Harden, a Philadelphia player, is a veteran scoring guard with a very long ball possession time. He has been focusing on assists since this season. The long ball possession time has not changed since the past.

In this situation, if Harden moves to Green’s Houston, Green will no longer be a main ball handler. Green averaged 22.1 points and 3.7 assists last season, averaging five points over his first season. Thanks to the guarantee of long ball possession time. If Harden comes, it is difficult to expect such an environment.

“I haven’t talked to Harden about the Houston rumor for a long time yet,” Green said.

Will Harden move to Houston. His transfer is likely to have a significant impact on the growth of promising green.

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