Patrick Ewing resigns as Georgetown University head coach

There were some achievements, such as winning the Big East Conference championship in 2021 and advancing to the National College Basketball Championship, but after 메이저놀이터, that, he failed to show much.

Last season, it was only 6 wins and 25 losses, and this season was also sluggish with 7 wins and 25 losses. Against teams in the same Big East Conference, they recorded 2 wins and 18 losses.

Ewing had a storied career as a Georgetown player in the 1980s. He won the national college basketball championship in 1984 and was named Player of the Year the following year.

He was selected by the New York Knicks with the 1st overall pick in the 1985 draft, played 1183 games, and was named Rookie of the Year in the 1985-86 season, 11-time All-Star, 7-time All-NBA, and 3-time All-Defensive Team.

In 2008 he was inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame and in 2012 he was named to the College Basketball Hall of Fame.

After his retirement, he is walking the path of his leader. He coached for the Charlotte Bobcats, Orlando Magic, Houston Rockets, and Washington Wizards, and has been the head coach of his alma mater since 2017.

He left his alma mater leaving a different image from his active career, and said in his statement, “I am proud of being a Georgetown alumni. He is grateful to the school for giving me the opportunity to fulfill my ambition as a basketball coach. Leading my alma mater’s basketball team was meaningful. As an eternal Georgetown alumni, I will support the team.”

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