Oshima, the Japanese national team, won an arm bar over Hong Ye-rin

The strongest player in Japan’s DEEP was also different.

‘Little Giant’ Saori Oshima (28, Japan) defeated ‘Ghost’ Ye-rin Hong (20, DK Jim) in 59 seconds of the 3rd round in the ‘Black Combat 5: Song of the Sword’ women’s atomweight match held at the Suwon Convention Center in Gyeonggi-do on the 4th. won by armbar.

Oshima is a grappler who is a former judo player and shows strength in the ground game. However, he is relatively weak in hitting. In the second round, she stumbled after being punched by sharp striker Hong Ye-rin.

However, once they stuck together, they had the skills and strength to lead Hong Ye-rin to the ground unconditionally. In the beginning of the 3rd round, the takedown failed, but he immediately reversed his stance and put Hong Ye-rin on the floor 토토사이트, ending the match with an armbar.

With this victory, Oshima, who recorded 11 wins and 3 losses with 4 consecutive victories, said in a victory interview, “I hope that the Atom class will be revitalized in Black Combat.”

Hong Ye-rin, who had 4 wins and 3 losses, shed tears of regret because she could not make use of her main skill, hitting opportunities.

Hong Ye-rin, who is growing rapidly at her young age, suddenly mentioned the possibility of her retirement. “This may be the last time, because she’s personal,” she said.

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