“Nonsense, can you speak?” Kwon Soon-woo, second ATP Tour winner, thrilled on Instagram

Korean men’s tennis ace Kwon Soon-woo (84th, Dangjin City Hall) reached the top of the men’s professional tennis (ATP) tour for the second time in his life.

In the singles final of the ATP Tour Adelaide International 2nd Tournament held in Adelaide, Australia on the afternoon of the 14th (Korean time) (total prize money: $642,735), Kwon Soon-woo beat Spanish veteran Robert Bautista Agut (26th) with a set score of 2-1 (6-6). 4 3-6 7-6 <7-4>) and lifted the championship cup.

With this victory, Kwon Soon-woo became the first Korean player to hold the record of winning two ATP tours. Previously, Kwon Soon-woo recorded his first tour win at the Astana Open in Kazakhstan in September 2021.

Prior to Kwon Soon-woo, Lee Hyung-taek (47, retired) became the first Korean player ever to win the ATP Tour by beating Juan Carlos Ferrero (Spain), who was ranked 4th in the world at the time, at the Adidas International held in Sydney, Australia in January 2003.메이저사이트

Kwon Soon-woo was also a ‘lucky loser’ who advanced to the finals thanks to an abstainer despite being eliminated in the ATP Tour preliminaries, and became the 10th player ever to win the championship.

Soon-woo Kwon posted his thoughts on social media right after the awards ceremony and thanked the fans for their support. In an SNS post, Kwon Soon-woo said, “It’s ridiculous, is it true? Eh? I don’t know, just do it. I’m just doing it.” He then left a heart image, saying, “Thank you all for supporting me until late.”

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