News that is hard to believe even after hearing… Tottenham promotes renewal of contract with Dyer for 3 years

It is controversial as Tottenham are seeking to renew the contract with Eric Dier.

The British ‘Football Insider’ said on the 24th (Korean time), “Sources said that Tottenham are discussing a new contract with Dyer. Dyer is under contract until the 2023-24 season. We are working on a two-year contract extension.”

“Dyer is very happy at Tottenham. In the early stages of the negotiations, all parties were positive. Dier has been key to the Tottenham project this season. His new contract seems to be a reward for his good performance,” he explained the reason for the renewal. .

Dyer joined Tottenham from Sporting Lisbon in 2014. In the early days of his joining, he mainly played as a defensive midfielder under the guidance of coach Mauricio Pochettino. Dier developed rapidly under Pochettino and developed into one of the best midfielders in the league토토사이트. As a result, there were rumors of a transfer to Manchester United, but Dyer remained at Tottenham.

However, Dyer never regained his full potential after suffering a hernia injury. Dier, who started to be used as a center back, was shaken under manager Jose Mourinho, but after manager Antonio Conte took over, he established himself as a starter again.

However, Dyer was pointed out for his defensive power even when Tottenham showed top-tier defense in the 2021-22 season. Although he is a defender, his narrow defensive range and remarkably poor man-to-person defense, which made it suspicious that he played in midfield, were on the cutting board every time.

These problems are becoming more pronounced this season. It is not for nothing that Tottenham insists that a player other than Dyer be appointed as a defender in order to show better results. Even locally, public opinion toward Dyer is not good. However, news came out that Dyer’s contract renewal was in progress. The voice of dissatisfaction is even higher in that the reason for renewing the contract is “impressive performance.”

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