‘New team’s debut goal’ → ‘Moist’ at the thought of his wife about to give birth… Lee Kwang-hyeok “I hope it will be a happy year”

 Lee Kwang-hyeok, who scored his first goal after moving to Suwon FC from Pohang Steelers, thanked his wife for standing by his side.

Suwon FC won 2-1 with consecutive goals from Lee 메이저놀이터 Kwang-hyeok and Murillo in the Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 3rd round ‘Suwon Derby’ against Suwon Samsung held at Suwon Sports Complex on the 11th.

Suwon FC, which had no wins in the previous two games, reported its first victory at the sacrifice of its biggest rival, Suwon Samsung, and rose to 5th place (1 win, 1 draw, 1 loss, 4 points).

Lee Gwang-hyeok, who was replaced in the middle of the first half, led the attack by moving actively throughout the game. As soon as he was put in, he intercepted the Suwon Samsung pass and showed a cool dribble breakthrough.

In the 40th minute of the first half, he scored the opening goal of the game and his first goal after moving to Suwon FC. Lars dropped a corner kick from Garam Yoon with his head, and Lee Kwang-hyuk, who was waiting on the other side, finished it with a header.

Lee Kwang-hyeok put his thumb in his mouth and pointed at the crowd during the goal ceremony.

After the game, he explained the meaning of the ceremony. Lee Kwang-hyeok, whom we met in the Mixed Zone, said, “My wife was in the audience. The baby will be born in May. In that sense, it was a ceremony,” revealing that a pretty princess would come.

Lee Kwang-hyeok, who helped Murilo’s goal in the previous match against Pohang, reported his debut goal at the earliest, three games after the transfer.

His eyes moistened when he asked to say something to his wife, who had been waiting for this news more than anyone else.

Lee Kwang-hyeok said, “My wife is actually from Pohang. I came to a very far place with me, but I always spend a lot of time alone when I go to training, and I am so grateful that she helped me so much that I could only focus on football.”

He continued, “There were difficult times while meeting. I suffered from injuries a lot when I was in Pohang. I felt very bad because the person next to me was having a hard time.” If you do, I think the baby will be born and it will be a good year.”

Suwon FC will be traveling to Ulsan on the 19th.

Lee Kwang-hyeok said, “I heard that I couldn’t win last year. I wonder if I should be harassed in a different way from last year. Personally, I want to have a fun game against a good team called Ulsan.”

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