New creation instead of continuity? Müller: “Copy just chases after”

Michael Müller, chairman of the Korea Football Association (KFA) Power Reinforcement Committee, hinted that he would support Jurgen Klinsmann’s coaching system to show its true colors rather than continuity with the previous national team system.

Chairman Muller held a press conference on the appointment of Klinsmann as head coach at the multi-purpose conference room on the 2nd floor of the Korea Football Association located in Sinmun-ro, Seoul on the 28th at 2:00 pm. The Korea Football Association delivered the news of Klinsmann’s appointment through a press release on the evening of the 27th, and the press conference was a place to hear the practical views of Chairman Muller, who was in charge of the selection of candidates and contracts.

The issue that attracted the most attention in terms of tactics was the success of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar and at the same time showing continuity in the color of the former Korean national football team coach Paulo Bento, who showed a soccer that dominated the game based on ball possession. whether there was Attention is focused on whether the new command tower, coach Klinsman, will be able to take over the tactical baton.

“Each coach has a different personality,” said Müller. “We have to see how it affects the team. I look forward to seeing how coach Klinsman will meet Korean players and solve them.”

“I will not follow someone’s soccer style, but I will play soccer with a style that combines Korean elements,” he said. “Copying other leaders or teams is just chasing. Whether you can make it is more important in modern football.”

Chairman Müller expected that coach Klinsmann would play more aggressive attacking football than the previous manager’s system. Chairman Muller sai안전놀이터d, “After Bento left, I kept thinking about the future of Korean football.” But I think you can expect Lee Chul-mer to score simply and quickly. The same is true when switching defenses after losing the ball. We need football that knows how to judge whether to press immediately or watch the situation and defend. Coach Klinsman’s style is also this I think it’s the same,” he said.

At the conference, Müller likened Klinsmann to a “manager” rather than a “head coach.” Questions were also asked about the coaching staff, including the head coach, who would naturally assist with tactical capabilities.

As if conscious of criticism from some, Chairman Muller was asked, “Coach Klinsman is also a leader with strengths in the tactical part.” However, it is difficult to tell the details of the situation. Next Thursday, we will discuss with Lee Seung-wan, the head of the national team’s operation team.”

Meanwhile, Chairman Muller avoided an immediate answer to a question about the terms of the contract related to Klinsmann’s stay in Korea. “It’s hard to say anything about the contract,” Müller said.

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