National soccer player Son Jun-ho arrested by Chinese police

It is a legal procedure.

Chinese public security has switched to an arrest (arrest) investigation into Son Jun-ho (31, Taishan, Shandong), a Korean soccer player. It is known that on the 18th, the Public Security Agency obtained approval for the arrest of Son Jun-ho from the People’s Procuratorate. According to China’s Criminal Procedure Law, if the arrest is approved, the suspect will be prosecuted and tried while in custody. In serious cases, prosecution can take months. The transition to an arrest investigation can be seen as a formal step by the public security system for judicial treatment. Guilty or not is likely to be determined in court.스포츠토토

Son Jun-ho was arrested on the 12th of last month while trying to return home from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. Since then, he has been under investigation by the Chaoyang Public Security Bureau of Liaoning Province in a state of criminal detention. Criminal detention in China means ‘temporary detention’. If the public security judges that the suspect’s charges amount to a serious crime, the public security can investigate the suspect in a state of criminal detention for up to 37 days on its own authority. The deadline for investigating Son Jun-ho’s criminal detention was until the 17th, the previous day. During this period, as Son Jun-ho was not released without charges, the possibility of a change in the arrest investigation was strongly predicted.

Son Jun-ho is suspected of taking bribes from non-state operatives (non-public officials). It refers to illegally accepting property of others by a person belonging to a non-governmental enterprise or other unit using his/her official position. If you are a sports player, it can be applied when you receive an illicit request in relation to a game and give or receive money. Previously, local media also paid attention to the fact that former coach Shandong Hao-wei and some players of his team are being investigated for match-fixing. Shandong erased Son Jun-ho’s name from the club’s website.

According to some media, Son Jun-ho is the first foreign player to be investigated for anti-corruption in Chinese football. Son Jun-ho’s side continues to complain about his regret. As the team’s flagship player, he emphasizes that he has no reason to accept improper requests. It was not even revealed what kind of investigation Son Jun-ho was under. If Son Jun-ho’s bribery turns out to be true, he could face a prison sentence. Depending on the amount, there is an opinion that if it is between 60,000 and 1 million, he can be sentenced to 5 years or less in prison, and if it is more than 5 years, it is possible.

Soccer team coach Jurgen Klinsmann selected Son Jun-ho for the national team on the 5th. At the time, he cheered, saying, “I want to convey that we are together and support 100% in difficult times.” Son Jun-ho also participated in Klinsman’s two consecutive debut matches in March. In fact, on the 1st, the Korea Football Association dispatched Jeon Han-jin, head of the management division, and a lawyer to China to find out the situation at the site. However, they returned home without much income. The Chinese Football Association is keeping its mouth shut.

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