Na Seong-beom – Kim Do-young return treatment, why Ijima Rehabilitation Center and not the World Wing Center

KIA Tigers outfielder Na Seong-beom and infielder Kim Do-young leave for Japan on the 16th for rehabilitation treatment.

He is receiving intensive treatment at Ijima Rehabilitation Center, which was once called the KBO league’s “rehabilitation sanctuary.”

KIA said on the 14th,안전놀이터 “Na Seong-beom and Kim Do-young will receive treatment twice a day for a quick recovery at Ijima Rehabilitation Center in Yokohama, Japan from the 17th to the 22nd.”

Kim Do-young suffered a right metatarsal fracture during a home rush in the away opening series against SSG Landers. The results of the examination showed that it could take up to four months from the time of injury to recover.

Na Seong-beom’s calf area, which had not been good since joining the WBC national team, did not improve even though the opening season approached.

At the beginning of the injury, it was expected that treatment would be possible with rest. However, as a result of a detailed re-examination, it was found that a rehabilitation period of more than 8 weeks was required from the start of the season.

Visiting Japan to shorten the rehabilitation period is no longer something special.

Many clubs rely heavily on advanced sports medicine in Japan to treat injured players.

The most famous Japanese rehabilitation centers known in Korea are Tottori World Wing Center and Yokohama Ijima Rehabilitation Center.

Then, why did Na Seong-beom and Kim Do-young choose Ijima Rehabilitation Center instead of the World Wing Center?

Ijima Rehabilitation Center was in charge of rehabilitation of injured players during the SK (now SSG) dynasty and was widely known in Korea.

At the time, it was considered a miracle treatment center as the rehabilitation period of SK players was reduced by up to half.

After that, many clubs besides SK started sending injured players to Ijima Rehabilitation Center.

Ijima Rehabilitation Center is a rehabilitation center with special advantages for hamstring, muscle tears, and fractures. It can be said that it is a rehabilitation center that gives great strength to the recovery of sensitive areas that are difficult to treat.

In Korea, there is still a lack of technology that can speed up the rehabilitation period of athletes with hamstring or muscle tears. It’s bound to take a long time.

However, Ijima Rehabilitation Center is effectively treating athletes with muscle-related injuries through accumulated know-how.

The World Wing Center is a rehabilitation center specialized for pitchers.

It can be said that it is mainly in charge of rehabilitation of players who have suffered elbow or shoulder injuries.

The history of players being treated at the World Wing Center is very long. Since the 1990s, an increasing number of Korean players have been rehabilitated at the World Wing Center.

In recent years, pitcher-related injuries have been less common as domestic technology has improved a lot, but until the 2000s, the World Wing Center was considered a rehabilitation center of hope for injured Korean pitchers.

Several Korean clubs have introduced the system of the World Wing Center to help pitchers rehabilitate.

In conclusion, it can be said that Na Seong-beom and Kim Do-young went to the right number.

It remains to be seen whether Ijima Rehabilitation Center can shorten the rehabilitation period of Na Seong-beom and Kim Do-young with treatment worthy of the nickname of ‘rehabilitation sanctuary’.

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