Myung Hyun-man proposes sparring to Kwon Ah-sol… “Hwang In-soo just wins”

Myung Hyeon-man (37) revealed that he wanted to solve old feelings by mixing fists with Kwon Ah-sol (36).

On the 6th, on the YouTube channel ‘Jeong Moon-hong (Gao Hyung Life)’, Myung Hyun-man met with Road FC chairman Jung Moon-hong and said, “I want to talk a lot with Kwon Ah-sol. I want to solve it once by mixing my fists.”

Chairman Jung Moon-hong asked, “Do you have a strong desire to get along with Kwon Ah-sol?”, Myung Hyun-man replied, “Yes. Kwon Ah-sol has a good mindset even though he does trash talk. He has a great desire to solve it.”

Myeong Hyun-man, who beat Chris Barnett at Road FC 041 in August 2017 and left for another organization, is about to return to Road FC after 5 years and 6 months. On the 25th of next month, he will have a kickboxing match against middleweight champion Hwang In-soo at Road FC 063.

However, Myeong-hyeon-man seems to care more about Kwon Ah-sol than Hwang In-soo. He said, “Actually, I don’t have much interest in Hwang In-soo. He seems to just win,” and expressed his mind, “Anyway, the relationship with Kwon Ah-sol is big for me.”

Chairman Jeong Moon-hong responded positively to the story that only Myung-hyeon would like to spar with Kwon Ah-sol player-to-player and resolve past misunderstandings through dialogue. He replied, “Let’s think about it. Let’s take some time.”

Under the mediation of Chairman Jung Moon-Hong, the possibility of the two players sparring arose. As a result of the coverage, it was confirmed that a considerable amount of progress had been made.

Myung Hyeon-man has been involved in various activities as a YouTuber over the past few years. On the day of Jo Doo-soon’s release, he kicked the car he was riding in and sparred with Yeong-cheol, an ordinary person who challenged him. 안전놀이터

Kwon Ah-sol sprayed strong venom, saying that only Myung-hyeon acted unbecoming a player. In a video on his YouTube channel, ‘Asol Kwon’, he criticized, “Myeonghyun-man is a cancer of the fighting machine.

Kwon Ah-sol raised the level of provocation, saying that he could fight against heavyweight Myung Hyun-man. He even raised his voice, saying, “If you come to Road FC, you can fight. Only Myunghyun needs to sign. I am ready for everything. I will never run away.”

Myung Hyeon-man conveyed his honest feelings about Kwon Ah-sol’s vitriol to Chairman Jung Moon-hong. “When Kwon A-sol said that, I thought this was right. But there is something that Kwon A-sol is unique to, very unpleasant,” he said. I escaped, but… Anyway, I think I should solve it with Kwon Ah-sol.”

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