‘Miami owner’ Beckham met Messi…’Click’ at the PSG training ground

David Beckham, the owner of Inter Miami, met Lionel Messi.

Recently, 온라인카지노Messi’s destination is attracting attention. He left Barcelona in 2021 for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), where it looked like he would finish his football career, but became the subject of transfer rumors. His contract expires this summer, but several teams have approached him after PSG and Messi’s contract renewal negotiations have not progressed.

‘My home team’ Barcelona was the most active. Barcelona officials, including president Juan Laporta, actively considered Messi’s return. Barcelona colleagues who ate together with Messi also eagerly hoped for his return. There are many things to consider, such as financial issues, but the possibility of a reunion between Messi and Barcelona is increasing.

Of course, Barcelona are not the only ones involved with Messi. Miami of the American Professional Soccer (MLS) also wanted to recruit him. According to the British media ‘Mirror’, Miami co-owner Jorge Mars has admitted that Messi is a target for the club. He said, “We want the United States to become a football reference point. To do that, we need the best player in the world, and Messi is the best player in the world in name and reality.” Running. We aspire to that.”

The US has been quite active in scouting Messi. It was to the extent that the three MLS teams jointly decided to subsidize his weekly wage in order to cover his enormous weekly wage. Spanish media ‘Sport’ said, “Several clubs in the league have decided to subsidize Messi’s weekly wage together. In this case, Messi will play for one of Miami, LA and New York clubs.”

In this situation, Beckham and Messi met. According to ‘Mirror’, Beckham visited the training ground of his former team, PSG, and even took pictures with Messi. So far, Beckham is staying in Paris and it is said that he will continue to interact with PSG.

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