Lukaku Finals… Inter Milan beats Porto 1-0 at home, ‘green light in the quarterfinals’

Inter Milan of Italy beat FC Porto at home and occupied an advantageous position to advance to the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League.

Inter Milan won 1-0 in the 2022/23 season European Football Association (UEFA) Champions League round of 16 first leg home game held in San Siro, Milan, Italy on the 23rd, defending the final shot of leading striker Romelu Lukaku.

The two teams will play the second leg at Porto home on the 15th of next month.

The two teams, which finished 0-0안전놀이터 at the end of the first half, made changes by introducing replacement members in the second half, and in the end, the home team laughed.

In the 13th minute of the second half, Inter Milan coach Simone Inzaghi cut out tall striker Edin Dzeko and put in Lukaku, but Porto had a red card variable and had a numerical advantage, and at this time they pushed and laughed.

In the 33rd minute of the second half, Porto was sent off due to accumulated warnings due to Ottabiu’s rough fouling, and Inter Milan launched an all-out offensive at the last minute.

And it paid off at the end of the second half. When he crossed the right side, he shot a header that turned the ball around Lukakuca, and when the ball hit the left goal post and headed towards himself, he kicked it again with his left foot and the net tumbled.

Inter Milan also outperformed the opponent with 60% of the ball possession rate that day, and recorded 10-6 in the number of shots.

It would have been disappointing if it ended in a draw, but Lukaku’s goal made it possible to laugh. Lukaku also had difficulties competing for the starting position after being loaned from Chelsea to Inter Milan this season, but through the match, he scored his first consecutive goal of the season following the Serie A match against Udinese on the 19th and built up his confidence.

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