“Life’s best defense” Kim Ho-ryeong “Honestly greedy for offense”

This is the defense scene of Kim Ho-ryeong, who saved not only the team but also starter Eui-ri Lee at once.

Surprised, Socrates raised his arms and

wrapped his arms around his head as if he couldn’t 메이저놀이터believe the reason for overcoming the massive loss crisis.

The players in the dugout as well as the fans saluted, and even the broadcasters were speechless.

“I’ve never seen a defense like this. <This is a defense I couldn’t have imagined.>”

[Kim Ho-ryeong/KIA]
“To be honest, it seems like yesterday that I came in as a pro and thought I had the best catch. I was a bit surprised too…”

Tens of meters It wasn’t enough to run the ball, but it hit the ball by blowing it to the body.

I wasn’t sure until I caught it.

[Kim Ho-ryeong/KIA]
“Honestly, I thought it would be difficult to catch and chased it, but I had some flight time.

Since his rookie days, he has been known for his defensive power, but ‥

He lowered himself in comparison with the top active outfielders.

[Kim Ho-ryeong/KIA]
“(Jeong) Soo-bin seems to be very good at ‘diving.’ Just something like ‘battery judgment’…”

Kim Ho-ryung left numerous famous scenes based on his vast defensive range.

However, due to an unfortunate hit, it was only in 2016 that the regulation plate was filled.

He’s been spotlighted for his defense, but this year he’s committed to dropping the professional defender tag.

[Kim Ho-ryeong/KIA]
“I say I practice a lot, but it didn’t work out as I wanted. To be honest, I’m really greedy (for hitting). I want to be better at ‘attack’ than defense.

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