Lee Seung-woo, who announced a new dance “This year is more fun and fun!”

Suwon FC’s Lee Seung-woo, who debuted in the domestic professional soccer league last year, has certainly left a mark as a player full of excitement as much as his skills. This season, they say they are planning to make a fun ground with more fancy ceremonies.

Reporter Lee Da-som met.

Cool mid-range guns are the basics, and the opponent’s dense defense is lightly pierced with half-beat fast shooting.

Lee Seung-woo, who returned to the K-League last year after failing to adapt to the European stage, scored 14 goals 안전놀이터and announced a perfect revival.

There were rumors of transfers to Scotland and Denmark in the sense of a watery goal, but as I experienced one failure, I am determined to show my growth first this season by making up for weaknesses such as physical strength and participation in defense.

Lee Seung-woo / Suwon FC
“There is no fear of failure, but the thought that you have to choose carefully has deepened.”

Lee Seung-woo, who showed off his star quality with a more spectacular dance ceremony than a spectacular goal, will show off a new dance from the first game of this season.

Lee Seung-woo
“Shouldn’t I think about it a day or two before the first game… I’ll try to have a little more fun and enjoy this year as well.”

It is Suwon FC who shouted for the goal of 4th place in the league, the highest ranking ever for the club this season, but like Lee Seung-woo, who speaks up, he conveyed his desire for the club coolly.

Lee Seung Woo
“It is clear that there are limits to the thoughts and will of only the coach and players, and there must be interest and investment…”

Lee Seung-woo’s second-year K-League season, which says that his greed for soccer is endless, is raising expectations.

This is Lee Da-som from TV Chosun.

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