Lee Seong-hyun, who dreams of the second Cha Bum-geun, joins Frankfurt U16

Seong-Hyeon Lee was offered a scout from Eintracht Frankfurt u16, where Bum-Kun Cha played, and his official joining was decided after a year of challenging the European stage.  

Lee Seong-hyun,메이저사이트 a striker nicknamed the scoring machine for his speed and overwhelming physicality, was born in 2008 and first started playing soccer in his fourth year of elementary school. Lee Seong-hyun showed excellent talent for soccer from an early age, such as passing the open test for the FC Seoul youth team, which is said to be difficult to join after four months of starting soccer.  

Lee Seong-hyun, who has been recognized for his quick feet and sense of goal since elementary school, surprised the officials in Spain by displaying tremendous strength by scoring 23 goals in 8 practice matches with Spanish youth teams during the training session in Spain.  

Accordingly, in the spring of 2022, Lee Seong-hyun, who moved to the German stage with his parents, began his full-fledged challenge. Lee Seong-hyun, who played his debut game before he even finished adapting to German soccer, started with a goal in his first game and is currently ranked first in the team with 9 goals and 3 assists in 14 games.  

Lee Sung-hyun, who became a junior in middle school this year, decided to join after receiving an official offer from Eintracht Frankfurt, who had been watching the team’s performance. Eintracht Frankfurt, the winner of last year’s Europa League, Meyer, who played with Cha Doo-ri, is currently coaching the U16s. Rumor has it that he, who was the top scorer in the Bundesliga, was active in recruiting Lee Seong-hyun. 

Despite his height of 193 cm, his dribbling and speed are good, and his ability to use both feet freely was cited as a scouting background. Heading ability is also a part that is recognized. Regarding this joining, Lee Seong-hyun said that he wants to become a successful player like Cha Bum-keun and grow into a player who shines in Korea.

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