Lee Min-kyu X Leo, I hope they get closer in the future

Those who visited the interview room side by side gave compliments to each other, although they were still embarrassed.

The men’s division has a hot competition for spring volleyball. What we need more than anything to survive is trust and trust towards each other.

At OK Financial Group, Lee Min-gyu, who recently finished his military service, is active as a main setter. He’s not perfect with the strikers, but he gets better game by game.

If the team’s main striker, Leonardo Leyva Martinez (registered name Leo) gets better, the gate to spring volleyball will open wider.

However, since it has not been long since Lee Min-gyu joined the team, there is also a sense of pressure. “I try to think positively,” he said. There are also players who are in a position where he wants to feel the pressure but doesn’t feel it. I think of this as a weapon and prepare it,” he said, giving a mature answer.

Lee Min-gyu has to lead the team, but his knee is not good. During his military service, he underwent surgery on his left knee. What is your current status? “I am getting better as I play,” he said. He honestly thought he could do it when he came back, but he’s getting better as he does. He is focusing on rehab. There is no big problem,” he reassured many.

Then, I asked about the breathing part with the players. Lee Min-gyu said, “When I came back, the position was not accumulated. There were a lot of changes as some players went to the apogee and went to the outside heater. He replied, “I thought I should focus only on the game rather than focusing on breathing.”

OK Financial Group currently has Leo as an outside hitter, and instead of having a definite protagonist, various players such as Cha Ji-hwan, Song Myung-geun, and Shin Shin-jin are taking turns taking part in the Apposite position.

Regarding this, “It is much more helpful카지노 to our team that Leo now goes as an outside heater. keep going in this direction. Leo knows how to hit him well. Processing power is very good. He said, “If you take the speed of the ball, it will be fine,” and complimented Leo.

He continued, “As a setter, (having Leo) is comfortable. He has one surefire weapon. He praised Leo, saying, “Since Leo can hit with high blocking, he doesn’t have to fight.”

Then Leo also said, “(Lee Min-gyu) has the experience of being the main setter from long ago. So I believe more. It’s not perfect breathing yet, but we’re getting along. It will definitely get better. If you go to the playoffs, you will be able to look higher.”

Recognized by the main setter, Leo scored 42 points that day, including 1 block and 11 serves. He fired an onslaught. In particular, the part where he recorded 11 sub-aces stands out. This is also Leo’s most serve points in a single game.

Regarding the game that day, he said, “It was an important game. We could have won 3-0, but it’s a pity. KEPCO followed well until the end,” he said, conveying his impressions of the short game.

A standout part of Leo’s record is his 11 sub-aces. Leo, who is currently leading the men’s serve with 0.964 per set, scored the most serves in a game that day. He said, “When I did reinforcement exercises in the morning before the game, the serve went well,” he said about the situation at the time.

He went on to say the secret to a strong serve. Leo said, “It’s the same as last year, and compared to the time I played for Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, if I had to choose the reason why I improved, it would be weight maintenance and confidence. In the past, the crime of stepping on the line was frequent, and it did not go well. He either scored a serve or led mostly to mistakes.”

In order for the team to advance into spring volleyball, which the team is aiming for in the future, the key is the collaboration between Lee Min-gyu and Leo. It remains to be seen whether trust in each other will lead to the achievement of the goal.

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