“Laguna is important” director Jeon Chang-jin says how to prevent LG

 “Laguna is the most important. We need to block Marey well.”

Jeonju KCC will face off against Changwon LG in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Pro Basketball at Changwon Gymnasium on the 22nd. KCC, which is located in 6th place (16 wins and 16 losses), is in a situation where it is necessary to win in order to compete for the mid-table.

KCC, who had 1 win and 2 losses against LG, shook off the regret of the previous defeat by winning by 16 points in the last 3 rounds. There is a bar that won by scoring 101 points against LG, which boasted a solid defense. 안전놀이터

After losing by 2 points in the match against Hyundai Mobis on the 20th, KCC left regret at the start of the second half. Can KCC catch LG and win 1 win in 2 consecutive away matches and go to Jeonju?

Jeonju KCC coach Jeon Chang -jin

Q. Preparing for
the match LG was not in good condition in the 3rd round confrontation. The biggest part is that (Ra) Geon-ah blocked Marey well and did a good job of attacking. that was the biggest It will be difficult physically, but in the last game (against LG), we managed to arrange our stamina well. The Six Men went out first and did a good job.

Q. Will the sixth man play first today?
not. The previous game was disappointing. So today I plan to do it normally and only (former) Jun-beom will be in the seat of (Jeong) Chang-young.

Q. There are many changes in LG. Are there any difficulties or concerns?
I don’t care too much. It’s the second half, not the beginning. LG is centered around Lee Kwan-hee, Lee Jae-do and Marey anyway.

Q. Do you intend to keep LG’s second unit lineup in check with Jefferson?
We have to do it with the resources we have. (Uh) Woong and (Lee) Seung-hyeon are having a hard time in the 4th quarter after 30 minutes of playing time. In the match against LG, that part is a little nerve-wracking. Laguna is the most important. You have to block Marey well to block all the attacks that come from it. The basics are always players, but there are some differences depending on the condition.

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